Thursday, February 24, 2011

February 23rrd, 2011, Alan Mehrez & Family

Alan and Eileen Mehrez had family and friends from Canada. They wanted to show them the best Miami has to offer. The weather was great and the sailing was fantastic
Here is what they wrote in the ship's log:
If today would have been the last day of my life What a perfect day it was. Surrounded by soothing waters, warm sun rays gentle breezes and overwhelming love from my family and friends.
Thank you Captain Asaad and may you always be blessed, Rudy Mehrez"

" The Captain, Crew and boat were just Fantastic as was the beautiful day. We all enjoyed ourselves tremendously and we hope to do it again soon, Alan Mehrez"
Had an amazing time sailing on this beautiful ship. We had an amazing experience and hope to come back soon, Joey and Ilene"

' A beautiful day with beautiful friends on a beautiful ship will be back, Jack Tsavdaris, Toronto, Canada

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 19th, G X, Michael Blum

They came all the way from Chicago to Enjoy the sun anf Fun In Miami, The Magic City. Micheal suggested they Go sailing on our great Biscayne Bay. Madlein at the W connected them to me. and they were a great group to have a board. They all had fun. Here is what they wrote in the Log:
"G/X has landed. Beautiful sail,Perfect weather, Winds 8-12 Knts and plenty of wine, Perfect.

We had a great sail with fantastic company. Thank you Captain Asaad for a fantastic afternoon and evening! The G/X team, Mike, Inna, and Jeff "

" Same day as Jeff wrote above, One of the most beautiful days ever! Thanks Mike for arranging this and ordering the clear skies. Great Company, excellent sail , perfect Waters Thanks Neptune! Thanks Captain Asaad. Inna"

Friday, February 18, 2011

February 17th, 2011, Wii Mahoney 65th B Day

Will wanted to celebrate his special day while in Miami, the Magic City.. he decided to go sailing on Biscayne Bay with his special lady Judy Greenfield  . It was a new experience for both of them, being from Colorado. Well the RA did not disappoint them. It was indeed a beautiful day. here is what Will wrote in the ship's log.;
" Captain Asaad, what a terrific way to celebrate my 65th birthday. You advised me that now is when the good life starts. If today was any indication, I will thoroughly enjoy many wonderful days and Years to come. It was a very unique experience for  us mountain folk from Colorado. Judy and I are very pleased that Karen Taggert De Leon put us in touch with you ! May you  have continued great sailing days, Will and Judy, Denver, Colorado."

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February 12th, 2011, Francesca, Sergio and zmalgo

It was a cold night, but the veiw and the stars were out. Francesca and Sergio cuddled up on the biow with a couple of sleeping bags and warmed each othere up. Malgo helped me sail the boat and went down below to warm up every now and then. even though she is from pPoland , she still needed to warm up.
Here is what Francesca wrote in the log:
" The trip was beautiful! I really got to see more of Miami on a different. Sergio and I enjoyed it very much! Hope to see you very soon ! Thank you, Francesca & Sergio"
Thank you so much. This was a beautiful trip and lovely time, See you soon, Malgorzata Maczko"

February 7th, 2011, Cesy Velasco & Family

Cesy's Family were here from the Midwest, So she decided to show them the best Miami has to offer, that is sailing on our great Biscayne Bay. It was anice warm sunny day and we all had a grat time. Here is what they wrote in the log:
It was great meeting my future Tennis partner and have one of the nicest mornings of our trip, thanks captain Asaad, Manny and Blanca Maria Velasco "
Thank you for the ride , it was a pleasure meeting you! take care and hope to sail again in the future, Stephanie and Syrus"

Kristina and Anders, Sweden

It was a rainy day, bu that did not Dampen the enthusiasm of Kristina , Anders, Sven and Renee.
It was kind of a wet ride, Nice wind and good sailing though. Here is what they wrote in the log:

"I can hardly write because my hands are wet. It is raining, Not very common for this time, I suppose, though, we had a very nice trip with a very kind Captain. Thank you very Much, Kristina and Anders from sweden "
" Thank you for a great trip, It was a great way o spend my Birthday! Renee and Sven"