Monday, December 20, 2010

December 19th, 2010, Joyce Dibenedetto's farwell sail for Dad

Joyce's dad was a Master Carpenter  when he came to Miami from Italy, His love of the sea led him to become a boat builder .The family used to spend a lot of time on dad's boats off the light house at the tip of Key Biscayne. It was Joyce's wish to have her dad's remains deposited at his favorite spot right there by cape Florida light .
It was a beautiful sunny day, the wind was from the south west.  We sailed on a very broad reach, almost a run all the way to the light house, where  I dropped the sails and the ashes were deposited along with some prayers and flowers right there where dad loved to be.
By then,  the wind picked up, up to 20 knots. I raised the main and the mizzen and ran the engine to get home. It was a long chilly motor sailing back to the dock.
Here is what Joyce wrote in the ship's log:

" Dec 19, 2010, DiBenedetto Family
Dear Capt. Asaad
     We can't tell you how much we appreciate being able to have you take us on the RA for our dear father's final sail. What a wonderful tribute to an old boat builder and lover of the sea. Your kindness and generous spirit along with your hospitality will be remembered, Joyce, Jeffrey, Claudia, Tyler, Mindy and Bella & Alexander Julio"