Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 21, 2010, Alina, Lisette and Bobby

Alina Nunez, the healing with angel lady, gave me a healing session and in return I invited her to come aboard for an afternoon Sailing on our great Biscayne bay, she invited her Friend Lisette, who is soon to be the president of Accent Marketing. So this was like a celebration event for Lisette. 
For an added pleasure, Bobby Hudson, the Massage therapist came aboard to have the ladies experience Massage under sail. Alina is also a good sailor and she helped manage the sails. Here is what they wrote in the log:
" Captain Asaad, The best Captain ever, I had a great time sailing, talking and hanging out on RA. Lots of fun
I suggest it to everyone, Alina"

" Captain Asaad, Thank you for being such a generous host today. It was a wonderful sail with the dolphins and beautiful sunset making it especially memorable. Looking forward to the next time, Lisette"

" I Bobby Hudson, was lucky enough to sail with my good friend Captain Asaad on a gorgeous sunny, windy day for 4 hours. We also got to witness 2 dolphins swim along the yacht as we enjoyed our sail with the wind whipping us with a cool warm ocean breeze, Thank you Captain A, Warm Regards, Bobby"