Wednesday, October 06, 2010

October 4th, 2010Jennifer Sandomir's B day

Jennifer wanted to do somting special for her birthday. So she decided to invite her best girl friends to a sunset Sail aboard the Sailing vessel RA on our great Biscayne bay. It was a breezy day with wind at 25 knots steady. I first had the big Jib ad the mizzen up, but later after I cleared the channel reduced sails to the Stay sail and the Mizzen. We were still doing 5 knots and the girls were gettin wet on the forward deck. They were having a lot of fun, this is the beauty of the bay, nobody gets sea sick even with 25 knots of wind.
My daugter Isis came as a crew, and every body loved her.
here is what they wrote in the log:
" Happy birthday to Jennifer Sandomir! love, Denise, Cynthia and Rochelle"

Thank you so much for sharing your birthday in such a special way. Lots of love and birthday wishes, Denise XXOOXX
Amazing cruise, lovely crew , look forward to another, Thank you Denise Nieves"

"Jenny Love !

Thank you so much for inviting me. Have a wonderful birthday. I wish you many many many years of love, money and success, love you Cynthia Solomon !"