Monday, September 06, 2010

September 3rd, 2010, Tony Diresta @ laura

Anthony and his friend Terrence came all the way from Washington DC. and West Palm Beach to enjoy a day sailing on Miami's great Biscayne bay. We also had on board as a guest and fisrt Mate Laura Talagas, who was here on a short lay over to her destination in St Kits. She was a wonderful addition to the captain and the guests. we did have great weather in spite of threatening storms on land. I managed to dodge the storms to the amazement of my guests.
Here is what terrence wrote:
"Thank you so much for a great tour of the bay. I am still amazed at your ability to avoid the storms. See you soon, Terrence and Tony,Washington DC and west Palm

here is what laura wrote:

"The most amazing Miami Apt layover ever. I thank you for sharing your beautiful world with a stranger. All the best and fair-winds, Laura"