Sunday, September 19, 2010

September 16 th, 2010, Chantal Gloor & Family

It was Anthony Gagliano's Birthday, It has also been a year since his Passing. Lana Callen Gagliano, Chantal's mother and the widow of Tony wanted to do something special for her beloved Tony on his birthday and to set him free on the beautiful Biscayne bay, the waters he loved and he wrote about in his Novel," Straits of Fortune".
It was indeed a gorgeous day. In the beginning there was some threatening clouds, and the possibility of active weather, but the clouds all subsided and we could not have asked for better sailing conditions for Tony and his family
Here is what Chantal wrote in the ship's log:
"Captain Asaad: We had a wonderful ride on the RA, this was a spectacular adventure for all of us! We were able to say our good by's to our beloved Tony Gagliano. Thank you for letting us experience this once in a life time endeavor, from all of us on board, Chantal Gloor, Lana Callen Gagliano ,Claire Callen, Tina Callen Samantha Callen, Iris Chase, Barry Chase and Dan wakefield, Thank you"