Sunday, August 08, 2010

August 7th, 2010, Steve Kurylas & Family

The whole family came from allover to celebrate Dr. Steve's engagement to his lovely bride Karen.
The weather was great. The only fly in the soup, well they did not have enough booze. They actually wanted to get back to the dock prematurely, but I did not let that happen. Karen's son has great interest in Egypt and it's history, so Karen and I had a nice chat.
Carolyn is an anesthesiologist, we had something in common being a toxicologist and did some work with couple Anesthesia departments.
Here is what they wrote in the log:
"Thank you for sharing my engagement. You are the best and it was beautiful. Coming down soon to bring my son to meet you. Egyptian thing?, Karen Smith"

"Love the sail ride!, Carolyn Kurylas,