Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 18th 2010, Lucy's B day, with Marcello, Dee & Tina

I met Dee at Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, she was the connection to arrange for a birthday party for Lucy and her friends. on board were Lucy, Dee, Tina, Laura,Sylvania and Marcel, Ned of the leeddepot came aboard as a crew. The weatherman was predicting a stormy day. Marcello text-ed me in the morning wondering if it is OK to go sailing. He was concerned about the group getting sea sick. I assured him that nobody gets sea sick on my boat on the bay. I did however tell him that you may get wet at which time you can go below deck. . We actually had a fantastic day on the great Miami's Biscayne bay. The wind was consistent at 20 - 25 knots. We had only the Mizzen and the Jib up, and were making Hull speed. Except for the brief squall which actually was a refreshing experience, all had a great time.
Here is what Tina and Lucy wrote in the ship's log:

"Thank you for a perfect birthday celebration on the sea! You really know your way around the bay and the weather. It was a Celist experience! We will definitely come back, Thank you, Tina"

"It was a surprise B-day Party for me and I loved it, would do it again !!, Lucy"