Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 28th, 2010, John and the Bachelor party

John the catering director of the Sonesta Hotel, in Miami wanted to celebrate the occasion of his friend getting married. What a better way for all his buddies who knew each others for years to come together aboard the RA for a sunset cruise onsp; our great Biscayne bay.
Here are some of what they wrote in the ship's Log:
"Had a fantastic time celebrating my good friend's bachelor Party, Thank you Captain, J.C "
"What an amazing day Thanks Captain ,Sol "
"Great trip, Thanks for taking all the picture, Best of luck, Jose"
"What a great trip, Thank you very much, Tito"
" Thank you for an awesome time at the bachelor party, Noah"

June 27th, 2010, Gary Senk & Family

When uncle Loo comes to Miami from California, every body else shows up to go sailing on Biscayne Bay.

It was a wonderful family reunion for gary. the wather was great and everybody had a great time.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 24th, 2010, Karen, Sailboards, Miami

Karen of Sailboards Miami wanted to to take her family aboard the RA, to enjoy Biscayne Bay, It was a beautiful day and we all had a great time. here is what Karen wrote in the ship's log:
'Dear Captain, We can't thank you enough for a beautiful afternoon on the bay. RA is a wonderful boat and I feel honored to have sailed on her. We will be back, Warmest regards, Karen, Sailboards, Miami"

Monday, June 21, 2010

june 21st 2010, Suzan & don Pollock

They came all the way from Washington DC to attend a conference on Emergency room medicine. They decided to have a sunset cruise on our Miami's Biscayne bay. It was indeed a great night for sailing, wind from the east at 18 knots. they had a great time. here is what Susan wrote in the log.
" Our group of 6 from the Ritz Carlton, key Biscayne, Sailed with our Captain Asaad and Mate Marty for a stunning and delightful sunset cruise. what a pleasure and relaxing experience. We were blessed with a beautiful sky and calm seas. Our Captain made our experience one we will always remember, Susan , Great falls, VA "

Friday, June 18, 2010

Ximena & Sandra

It has been 9 years since Sandra started working for Colement insurance company. the boss wanted to celebrate the 9 year anniversary so he invited all the staff.On board was Javier, Carlos,Ximena,Sandra and Maria Del Barco. The weather was great we sailed and they ate and drank then decided to cool off in the crystal clear waters of Miami's great Biscayne bay. Ximena did not want to come back to the dock. and when we got to the dock she did not want to leave the boat. So this for you Ximena, Sandra and Maria, you are all welcome aboard any time, you know where I am.
Here is what Sandra wrote:
" I am having the best day of my life, Sandra Sarasa"
Wow what a compliment. Let us do it again

Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 13th, 2010, Ted Pin and wife Poonam

Ted wanted to treat his wife Dr. Poonam for a relaxing experience. It was the first time for her on a sailing vessel. So saling on Miami's Biscayne bay was a great new experience for her. I do hope they come back.
Here is what Ted wrote in the ship's log:
" dear captain Asaad ,Thank you for a very smooth and relaxing sail through Biscayne Bay, my wife's first time on a sailing vessel. We appreciated the calm atmosphere and golden sunset! Thank you, Ted & Poonam"

Thursday, June 03, 2010

May 31st, 2010, Isis, Simon, Ken & Diana

Isis and Titus wanted to invite their Friend Mat for a day sail, I also invited my friends Ken, Diana and Simon and heather to join us. Diana brought her children and two guests from Columbia to experience sailing aboard the RA on our great Biscayne Bay.
Simon Jacobs wrote in the log.
"Dear Captain Asaad
It was wonderful to finally set sail with you after meaning to to for so many months! What a wonderful day, with perfect sailing conditions, so many friends , and really appreciate your friendship over the last two and half years. A great sailing boat and a perfect way to spend Memorial day 2010, Thanks so much, Simon Jacobs"

May 29th 2010, Leslie Kaplan & Family

The Kaplans are not strangers to the Water. They own their own Mega Yacht the Carousel. They however wanted to enjoy a day sail aboard the RA on the great Biscayne Bay. It was indeed a beautiful day, Jared took command of the ship and performed several tacks. He is a great sailor. He really knew what he was doing sailing the RA. Here is what Leslie wrote in the Sip's Log:

"Dear Captain Asaad, You are our hero. We had an amazing sail with you. The day was beautiful and your company was great. Your expert skill as a Captain provided all of us with a much needed treat. A big thank you to Marty for a wonderful day too.
Warm Regards, Lesie Kaplan"

May 27th, 2010, Edith & Rick Crosby& Don Marks

The Crosby's and the Marks are old customers, they have been aboard RA in the past. The last time Don was on RA it was a rainy day. It seems that he brings the rain with him. He came all the way from Mount Dora to sail again. We managed to have a nice day except for a few sprinles. Here is what Rick wrote in the log:

"It was a stormy day and the tales got saltier by the minute, It was to be a three hour tour but the tiny ship was tossed, If not for the brave captain and his mate we may have gotten lost, but we reached safe harbor and a fun adventure was had by all" Modified by Martin Airey.