Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 23rd 2010, Brad,Gary,Heidi & Molly

Brad Duschak came all the way from California to see his girl friend Heidi who was here from Germany. She is a flight attendant on Lufthansa and was in Miami for a few days. She is a sailor and wanted to enjoy the best Miami has to offer, Sailing on Biscayne Bay. They met Molly who was here on Vacation from Vermont. Originally we were to sail for 3 hours in the afternoon, however they loved it so much and wanted to stay on for the sunset cruise scheduled for Gary and his friends from Cincinnati Ohio. It was a great day for sailing, we had three sails up most of the morning, but as the day progressed, the wind picked up and we took the main down and sailed on the stay sail and the Mizzen.
Here is what they wrote in the ship's log :

"Captain RA, Well What a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much for your hospitality and at such a short notice. I look forward to going out again. Good luck with the charter business, Heidi can make this happen. You are a beautiful person, thank you and Martin for a great ride, Brad and Heidi"

" Thank you so much Captain Asaad and Martin . I had a wonderful time talking with btoh of you. Come to Vermont in the beautiful Fall sometime, Molly Mc Naughton "

" As always your spirit and generosity were exceptional. The moon cruise was invigorating for my senses, the lights off Miami mesmerizing. May the wind be at your back so life could always go forward for you, No regrets, Thanks Al Simon"

Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 19th 2010, Raidel@ Claudia engaged

Raidel wanted to propose to his lady Claudia on the bow of my sailing vessel RA. He wanted to pop the question about Sunset on our great Biscayne bay. In spite of the weatherman promising a chance of showers, RA managed to stay away form the rain, also in spite of the cloud cover, the sky turned bright red at sunset. It seemed like the magic of their love was working. even the dolphins came and danced on the bow of RA while he was kissing his lady. what a way to pop the question. Here is what RAIDEL WROTE IN THE LOG.

May 8th, 2010, Omnia& Family & Suki

My daughter Omnia wanted to treat her family and her friend Suki for a day on our great Biscayne Bay. Suki was in Miami for the day and Omnia wanted to show her the best Miami has to offer. It was indeed a beautiful day. we sailed and we they all swam and had a great day on the water.
Hers is what they wrote in the log:
" RA, Super day sail with Captain Asaad, Many Thanks, Sail on Sailor, Suki"
" Hi Dad, beautiful day , Love Omnia"

Sunday, May 09, 2010

May 4th. 2010, James Riley& Quest

James Riley invited his coworkers, Sharon ,Joe G, Joe H, Terry, and Deb of Quest and Ciena to enjoy a sunset  aboard the sailing vessel RA on our great Biscayne Bay.  It was indeed a beautiful Night. They brought good food and drinks and they all had an enjoyable time Aboard.
Here is what Sharon wrote in the ship's log:
"This evening Quest & Ciena had an amazing evening with great weather, food & wine as we sailed with the sunset! Fabulous time with friends , conversations and sailing ! Highly recommend for anyone Sharon Montgomery"