Monday, September 28, 2009

September 26th, PM, Scheryl Coats @ Family

Scheryl Coats &  her brother Don and their spouses came to honor their parents and scatter their ashes on the waters of Biscayne Bay. They had so many fond memories on these waters . Scheryl had a great way of doing it by packing the ashes in Conck shells. Here is what she wrote in the log:

"Captain Asaad took my family out for a sunset cruise to release our parents ashes. The trip was very meaningful and the Captain was very helpful. We will never forget it. Scheryl Coats."

September 26th, 2009, AMJennifer & Lynn, Denver

Jennifer grew up in Miami. She was back for a business conference. She decided to enjoy a couple of hours on our great Biscayne bay. So she invited Lynn and they escaped form the Conference to come and sail with me
Here is what they wrote in the Log:

"Thank you captain Asaad , we had a great time, Jennifer, Denver Co"
"Thank you for a great morning tour, Lynn, Naples, FL "

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Madeleine Kelly's Birthday

I have known Madeleine for many years, and she always told me how much she loves the sea and wishes to go sailing. The invitation was always there for her to come aboard. Finally she said I would love to spend my birthday sailing.  We were concerned about the weather, But Madeleind being a Sweed, and her husband Mike from England  we decided that there is nothing to worry about in our genle well protected Biscayn Bay. and yes Suzie Manning, who is from Germany and happen to have her birthday on the 20th, so the crew were willing and the Captain decided to go for it.
Well it was a very eventful and exhilirating day, full of different sailing condiitions, heavy wind to no wind, sun then clowds, then rain, absolutlry not boring. Mike  brought the Chamapgne and the straw berries, Suzie brough some delicios lentil salad and I brought some Egyptian Fava beans and Quinoa, so we had a feast under sail
Here is what Madeleine wrote in the log:

"20/09/2009 what a date,20th of September, 2009
When I was a kid I mentioned many times " guess what " in 2009 0n my birthday it will also be the year as my birthday!
I have always felt comfortable at sea and on Boats, thinking what I should do this year, It came quite natural to take Captain Asaad up on his offer to come sailing. It was a wonderful sail with a sky full of life- wind, thunder, lightning , rain and sun, great conversations and perfect way to start my birthday, Madeleine"
Here is what Mikw wrote:

" What a wonderful Birthday Celebration, Asaad !!!, thank you so very much for this wonderful day , It was great!, Great Company, Thanks a lot, Mike"

Monday, September 07, 2009

September 6th, Gary Senk & Felipe

Gary always likes to watch the sunset, especially during the warm summer months. The weatherman was promising afternoon rain. As usual Gary likes to see what is going on at the time of the charter. He knows how wrong the weatherman can be. And indeed we had a wonderful weather conditions for sailing, 10 - 15 knots of wind from the east, cant be better. we all had a great time. Here are their own words:
"Captain Asaad, Thank you for an awesome and relaxing Sunday, You Rock! Clarissa"
"Asaad, Thank you so much for the amazing time. It was wonderful XOXOXO, Adrianna"
Capt. Asaad, Thank you for the relaxing sail across the beautiful Biscayne Bay. You are the best Leandner"
Capt. Asaad, It was my first time sailing ! Thank you for making it a good experience. It was great, Thank you, Vicky Lopez"