Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 30th, 2009, Ray Roddy & Family

It was threatening to be a rainy day, But Ray wanted to be on the water any way. He grew up in Miami, Now he lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The weather cooperated for their sake . we really had a great day sailing, it was partly overcast, nice wind, 10 to 18 knots,we had the main, Mizzen and Yankee up, everybody had a chance on the helm and they loved it. Here is what they wrote in the log:

"Never ever listen to the weather man !! Today could not have been better! a truly memorable experience, Thank you, Rhonda Roddy, Chattanooga, TN"

"This trip was so much fun. You made it a very enjoyable experience for us. Thanks so much! Brianne Roddy"

"awesome experience that words can't describe. I really enjoyed manning and steering the boat, You are the mans, Eric Roddy"

"This was an awesome experience for me. I love being out in the water and being in control of the wheel. One day I think it would be awesome to own my own sail boat!
Emily Roddy"

"Hard to believe its been over 30 years since I boated with my father on these waters. It was truly great to experience a wonderful sail with my wife and three children. You and Isis were warm and friendly and made our day special. Hope to see you in three years when I semi retire to be available for you as first mate. Thanks so much. Ray Roddy, Chattanooga, TN"

Saturday, June 27, 2009

June 27th, 2009,Ricardo Davila & Family

Ricardo and his wife Edith and Daughter Andy, 10 and son Ricardo Jr. 13 were here in Miami. Sailing was his dream, so he chartered RA for an afternoon On our Great Biscayne Bay. We had very gentle breeze. We then dropped the sails for the children to swim ,When Ricardo went in the water he saw a fin, he came right back in the boat. He did not know what that was. It turned out to be a dolphin, so they all went back in the water. What a thrill to swim with wild Dolphins. Here is what they wrote in the Log.
"I have always wanted to take boat trip in a sail boat and this far exceeded my expectations, The company was also great, Thank You captain Asaad"

"If I had to describe all of this in one word I would have to create a new one; It would be some thing between Fantastic, Amazing and wonderful Fantamazingful !
Thank you for this fantamazingful experience captain Asaad, Ricardo Davila Jr, 13 "

" This experience was one of the most relaxing and 5 star that I have ever had. I even got to swim with the dolphins and say Hi to a few fellow sailors, Thank you very much, Andy Davila 10"

Monday, June 22, 2009

June 22nd,2009, Father's day,Yvon R & Familly

Yvon Ramirez wanted to celebrate Fathers day with her husband Mike and the children
Michael,Jessica,Christina and Ennovy. My daughter Isis was in town and she came aboard as a first mate. she also had so much in common with the girls. We stopped for a swim. then we motored to Stilts ville. the wind later picked up and were able to sail home. Here is what they entered in the Log
"Thank you for a magnificent day. You and your family( Isis) are so sweet, Always Ennovy"
Thank you Captain Asaad ! I had an awesome time! First time sailor and I plan on coming back for seconds!, RA rocks Jessica Hoocera"

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Connie,DeAnne & Friends

Connie Huergo wanted to show her guest , Martina who is here from Switzerland our great sailing waters of Biscayne Bay, De Anne Graham wanted to celebrate Father's day with her Dad, who is a seasoned Mariner and loves the sea, So I went ahead and invited Stephanie Peterson and her friend Steve of Events and Adventures, and Dmitri and Alex, from Russia, Carson the artist also decided to join us. The weather was great, we had 18-knots steady early on then the wind subsides. every body had a good time
Here is what they wrote in the log:
"As always I had a magnificent afternoon with RA and the the sea. Big Hug, De Anne"
"Thank you Asaad, This boat trip was one of the greatest things I did in Miami, Hug, Martina and Gion, from Switzerland"

Dear Mr.Masoud we would like to express our thank you for the most wonderful Saturday we spent on board of your yacht. It was a majestic day to be out in the sea with the interesting people on board that gathered around you. We sighted a group of dolphins that were following us most of the time!
Alex Chursin

Dear Assad

thank you very much for this great boat trip we had on Saturday. It will be one of my greatest memories when I'm back in Switzerland. I fly tonight and already miss the sea!!! But maybe I'll be back in a few month. In shallah :-)

Take care and thank you again for this awesome experience.

Hug, Martina

Thursday, June 11, 2009

June 11th 2009, Ryan Partnership

They came from California and Connecticut to have their meeting in our Magic City. Jorge was born right here on Biscayne Bay at Mercy hospital, so he decided to enjoy and share a beautiful day on our Great Biscayne Bay. So he booked RA for the sunset on the bay and invited his colleagues . It was a chamber of commerce evening, Gentle Breeze and calm seas. They all had a great time. Here is what Jorge wrote in the log. " We had an amazing sail of Miami, Kicking back and unplugged for a couple of hours, Jorge Llauro."