Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January 24th, 2009, Mimmo D. Motalenti

  Mimmo, Alex's dad came with his wife and friends to enjoy a day sail aboard the RA. The weather was great. Our Miami's Biscayne bay was at it's best. Titus , Amira and Danie came aboard for the ride. It was also my birthday, a Big Number. Here is what Mimmo wrote in the log: Sailing with captain Asaad was a most pleasurable and memorable experience. We can't wait to do it again and again and again, Best of luck Captain. Mimmo.


Mimo De Montalenti 004

Mimo De Montalenti 006

Mimo De Montalenti 003

January 22nd 2009, Shire Regatta

They came from all over to have a Regatta on our great Miami's Biscayne Bay. RA did very well overtaking Captain Sir and Como tu. we all had a great time. Here is what my guests wrote in the log: Thank you for a wonderful time on the water. Things couldn't have been better, Jeff Bailey.

Asaad thanks for a day of sailing. Remember, Texas was the birth place of Civilization, Brad Dalton.

Shire Regatta 003

Shire Regatta 001

Shire Regatta 010

Shire Regatta 016

Shire Regatta 021

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 18th 2009, Isis's Friends


Isis's Friends 001

Isis invited her friends to go sailing on Miami's Biscayne Bay Amira and Danie also came, I also Invited Thor Bruce. He brought some Champagne, and they toasted for my Birthday. That was really very nice of all the group to wish happy birthday

Thursday, January 08, 2009

January 8th, Beatrice & Felix

P1080006 P1080004

Beatrice wanted to have her pictures taken under sail on our Miami's Biscayne bay with her Fiance Felix. They had the Photographer Alberto and he got  pictures which will be used for the wedding invitations and in the wedding picture album

Here is what Beatrice wrote:

" Thank you captain Asaad for this beautiful sailing and for all your help. It was truly a vision under the sails and the skies with my fiance Felix.We loved every moment and enjoyed the pictures. Thanks allot,much love and happy sailing, Beatrice and Felix"P1080003

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

December 29th, 2008, Jack Patterson

Vicky Restivo 005

Jack was engaged aboard the RA. My camera and Brant's camera did not work

So he had to come back after the wedding for some photos

Vicky Restivo 006 Vicky Restivo 008

December 29th 2008, Vicky Restivo@family

Vicky Restivo 001

Vicki told me her parents are here for the holidays. She said her dad will really enjoy a day on the great waters of Miami's Biscayne bay. so I invited them for a sail. the weather was great and we all had wonderful time

Vicky Restivo 004

January 3rd. 2009, John Kendall

P1031070 P1031069 John called me up to tell me he has a friend who is an avid sailor in town, So we decided to take him for a spin on our Miami's Great Biscayne Bay. So John , Ken and Annie came aboard. The weather was great. Here is what they wrote:

"Talked about sailing with Asaad for a year now since meeting at the Ashram end of o8.

Perfect day and what a sail. Sunny, 75 Degrees, wind E 8-12 knots. Took turns steering and Annie rocked for her first time. Thanks again and see you soon, Ken Callant, Beach  Malen, NJ

Asaad was a perfect host and Captain. We all had a great time and Annie navigated with great panache, John

Thank you so much Captain A for letting me have the helm, All the best for the new year, Annie"


January 2nd, 2009, Bill silver

P1021060 P1021063 P1021058

My old friend Dr. Silver had his son Jeff come from LA for the holidays.  They wanted to have a family gathering aboard the sailing vessel RA on our great Miami' Biscayne Bay. Isis wanted to come along.Here is what they wrote:

" A wonderful trip. The only way we can get the whole family together, Marcia Silver & Family

Fantastic Day, Captain Bill

Another fantastic Voyage, Jeff Silver"


December 31st 2008, Margaret Hewitt

Isis and friends 002

That was Margaret's dream to spend the new year's eve aboard  a boat under the stars. So it was just the two of us, Here is what she wrote:

"Sailed in the afternoon with Captain Asaad, his daughter Isis her fiance Titus and three friends. Sunny and warm. The bay was picturesque, and on our return we toasted to smooth sailing for 2009.ate that evening I fulfilled a vision of mine to be on the water under the stars for the beginning of 2009. Fireworks on the mainland were modest and the boat traffic  was minimal . The company however was not minimal in the least, certainly not in terms of quality. Thank you Captain for a great beginning of 2009"

Margaret Hewitt

Margaret Hewitt 002

December 31st 2008, Isis, friends & Margriet

It was new year's eve , Isis invited her friends for a day sail on our Miami's Biscayne Bay, It was a great  day. Margriet Hewitt came along.

Isis and friends 005 Isis and friends 003

Isis and friends 002

December 27, 2008 Margriet and Scholten Dewitt

The Dewitt's came all the way from Holland to enjoy a beautiful day on Miami's Biscayne Bay.  Isis and Titus came along.  She wrote in the log.

"Dear Captain Asaad,

A golden day, completely at ease.  Relaxing, relaxing, relaxing.  We both brought good food but you and Isis are the best.  You, Isis and Titus were great company, the most erudite 'crew' we have ever been lucky enough to have.  Thank you very much for this great experience.

Margriet and Scholten

Margauriet Dewitt 005 Margauriet Dewitt 010 Margauriet Dewitt 003