Thursday, August 28, 2008

August 28th, 2008, Mary Hoeveler

Mary used to live in Miami, and she missed being on the water on Miami's Biscayne bay. So when she came for a visit , she decided to go sailing and share the day with her friend Jane and her kids.
It was indeed a beautiful day, with gentle breeze. Here is what Mary wrote:
Thanks Captain Asaad , we had perfect weather for a lovely sail. Miami never looked better and the kids had a great time playing pirates. Mary, Milo and Eamanuele Castano, and Jane, Miles and Lauren Gilbert

Sunday, August 24, 2008

August 16th. 2008, Gary Senk & guests

Gary wanted to watch the full moon and the sunset. It was going to be just Gary and I, then Lizzy offered to have her roommate and family join us. So we all got to enjoy the sail. the weather was great and our guests from Massachusetts had a unique experience sailing on Miami's Biscayne Bay.
Here is what they wrote in the log:
What a wonderful way to spend time. Great weather, good company, very relaxing and enjoyable. Thanks so much. We had a great time.
Terri, Tiffany & Jim

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August 9th, 2008, Anita & Hallvard of Norway

They came all the way from Norway to experience sailing on our beautiful Miami's Biscayne Bay.The wind was up. steady 18-20 Knots. we sailed with the main, Mizzen and staysail. During the trip we had a squale that packed over 30 knots, so we dropped the stay and the mizzen. On the way back we raised them again. Hal is a great sailor, and he helped manage the boat. he actually enjoyed the little storm and admired how the boat was so stable during that blow. Here is what Anita wrote: Thank you for making my 40th birthday celebration a very pleasant day on the bay leaving the rain in the city,
Regards, Anita and Hallvard de Bruyn, and family

August ,6&7, 2008, Geevy Thomas & Family

Geevy Thomas wanted to have the children experience a real outdoor adventure. So he decided to take the family for an over night trip on Miami's Biscayne bay to Boca Cheeta. We left about 10:30 in the morning, the weather was gentle, just enough breeze to get the boat sailing. we sailed all the way to Boca Cheeta. We got there about 4 pm. early enough for every body to enjoy a snorkel. They saw a sea star, lobsters and a big Couda. Young J.W was really excited.. In the morning they were in the water even before breakfast. On our way back it was so still, the bay was like glass and we had to motor. the good news was they were seeing the bottom, like floating over a seaquarium. we also located couple pods of dolphins and we spent considerable time chasing them. every body really enjoyed the dolphins.
here is what Audry wrote: Thank you captain, I had a wonderful 2 day trip. It was amazing. We saw so many things. Oh and thank you for taking us to see the dolphins and letting me drive the boat, Love Audry Thomas, J.W Thomas & Geevy and Elizabeth Thomas