Sunday, January 27, 2008

January 27th.2008, BBSC,chamber

It was cold and raining early, however it turned in a very nice day for sailing. Partly cloudy, wind steady a5-20 gusting to 24. Had the mizzen and Big Jib , then later reduced sail to Mizzen and stay sail
Every body enjoyed, Her is what they wrote
Fantastic day, delightful sail on windy seas, fun Company Highly recommend it, Thanks Asaad for a great day, Dian and Kathleen
Thank you for a wonderful day. My first time out sailing. What an awesome experience. I am Looking forward to Cancun!, Robyn Peterson
Thanks for letting me take the helm for a while. You have a great boat and I had a great time, Ward Thompson
Biscayne bay is the greatest body of water for sailing. As a racer, I am particularly impressed with Asaad's seamanship. Very grateful for the experience, Thank you, Tim Latour