Monday, January 14, 2008

January 13th. 2008, Steven Corkin& sons

It was a beautiful day for sailing, the wind was brisk at 15-20 Knots, sky clear, warm friendly sun. I could not have ordered better conditions for my guests from Boston. It was their last few hours in Miami, and they wanted to experience sailing on the friendly waters of Biscayne Bay. So they chartered the RA for the afternoon. It was truly a pleasure to have a group of seasoned sailors like them help sail the RA. we all had a great afternoon. Here is what Steve wrote in My ship's Log:
What a perfect day on Biscayne Bay. Calm waters and brisk winds kept us moving along and it was a pleasure to spend the day afloat with captain Asaad. Looking forward to a return trip, Best,
Steve Corkin, Andrew, Spence, Will and guest Benny