Friday, October 07, 2005

September 23rd. 2005, The Nawbo Board

The Nawbo Board Posted by Picasa

What a cruise! We shared caressing winds, our most embarrassing moments, Superb wines, the sweetest air,laughter, camaraderie, the best Captain, and the chance to create memories and friendships. Thanks Asaad, Ann Friedman, Nawbo

October1st 2005, Taimy Carmenate anniversary

Taimy and Carlos Boarding Posted by Picasa

On the forward Deck Posted by Picasa

The lovebirds Posted by Picasa

I cant begin to say how wonderful this experience has been. My best regards to the, Captain Mr. Asaad and his crew. It was extremely romantic though we went through a tiny storm and it was very frightening, the crew as well as the Captain gave us much comfort. I would do it all over again. Thank you greatly.
Ms. Carmenate and Mr. Carlos