Tuesday, July 26, 2005

July 25th. 2005, Judith& Larry Ryan

Judy, Amber,Mark and Larry Posted by Picasa

Cooling off with the dolphins Posted by Picasa

Relaxing on deck after a refreshing swim Posted by Picasa

A happy crew back to the dock Posted by Picasa

The Captain and the crew Posted by Picasa

The Ryans used to live in Miami many years ago. They now live in Colorado. They traded the sea with the mountains. They did long to be back on the water, so here they are wanting to share their old memories with their daughter Amber who was born in Miami but left at a very young age. The wind was gentle the day was warm , but a swim in the cool bay cooled everybody.
Here in their own words.
Captain Asaad, life today, in/on your office is a slice of heaven. From your new family , thank you so much for a wonderful day, love, Judy
Thank you for a wonderful day and experience, it would not have been the same without you, Amber
Captain Asaad, thank you for the blue sky, warm water and the magic of the sea that we wanted to share with Amber and Mark. It touches our memories in Miami, Alive again, Larry
Asaad, Thank you very much , my first time at sea. It was great and I will remember this for ever, thank you ,Mark Welser.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Captain Richard's Boat

Captain Richard of easy sailing Posted by Picasa

July 21st. 2005, PM, Dikka,Rafael & Wes

On the phone, but relaxed Posted by Picasa

Wes, Rafael and Dikka enjoying the sunset Posted by Picasa

They are my neighbors in the Grove but found me on the web. I am glad they did. Dikka wanted to do somthing special for their friend Wes who is visiting from Texas, and what can be better than a cruise on the beautiful Biscayn bay. It was indeed a lovely night that was enjoyed by all. Here is what Dikka wrote:
So a full moon brought out the beauty of the water, night & best of all the friends, old and new. Captain Asaad & first mate Sharon were best of company for a wonderful evening on the bay. Dikka

July 21st, 2005 , AM,The Vienna crowd

Gunther,Martina,Margarita,Helmuth,Iwona, Gabi, Thomas and Michaela Posted by Picasa

The group with the Captain Posted by Picasa

I never thoutght that Miami in July will be a destination for The Vienna people. Here they are having a great time on our own Biscyne bay. In thier own words: Greetings from Vienna, thanks for a nice sailing trip, Michiaela

July 20th. 2005, Wesleley Veitch&Family

Wes on the helm Posted by Picasa

Dylan steering with dad's help Posted by Picasa

Wes, Sophia, Dylan and Isabelle feasting on shrimp Posted by Picasa

What a happy family Posted by Picasa

Sunset time with smiles Posted by Picasa

They came from Atlanta for vacation. Wes wanted to have a special evening with his beautiful family on Biscayne bay. What a lovely Family. Isabel Rasheda a beautiful mix of French and Moroccan beauty. She is a reporter for CNN who travels the Middle east including my home Egypt. Here is what she wrote: My family had a wonderful time today with Captain Asaad. The Happier Captain. Shoukran, Isabelle R.
Young Sophia also wrote: All of us had a great 4 hours with Captain Asaad.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

July16th. 2005,Sunset, Alijandro Flores

Alehandro and Maribel Posted by Picasa

A shy kiss Posted by Picasa

The happy couple, she said YES Posted by Picasa

Alijandro came all the way from Mexico to propose to his lovely Maribel. After a difficult plane ride, and changing the time more than once, finally they made it and the night was just right for the occasion. The Champaign was popped and the question was answered, positively of course. It was great to see two beautiful people so in love, making the pledge to be together for life. I wish them the best. Here is what marble wrote:
It was a wonderful trip. Thank you very much for this, for the weather,the sunset and the company. See you next year. Maribel & Alejandro

July 16th 2005. 2-4 PM Seth Shepetin

cooling of with a swim Posted by Picasa

Robert and Scott on the helm Posted by Picasa

Nancy and Seth on the bow Posted by Picasa

Scott the future sailor Posted by Picasa

still wet, just out of the water Posted by Picasa

Back to the dock with the Captain Posted by Picasa

It was Nancy's birthday and her husband Seth wanted to surprise her. It was a real surprise for her that was enjoyed by all. The weather was great. The boys sailed the boat like pros and had a cooling swim in the bay.
Here is what Nancy wrote:
My family surprised me with this lovely sailboat ride to celebrate my birthday. Thank you for a beautiful afternoon. The peace and tranquility of the sea and the conversations about sailing were wonderful. I will always remember this day. God Bless You! Nancy

Friday, July 15, 2005

July 14th. 2005, Carolyn Love

Firstmate Sharon Baron on the helm Posted by Picasa

What a good fun they are having on the bow Posted by Picasa

Carolyn Love , Brent Williams,Honey Schlesinger,Robin Heil,Kirsten, Kim and Brent Kilburn Posted by Picasa

Carolyn Love invited her friends and family from different parts of the country to enjoy the magic of a summer night sail on beautiful Biscayne Bay. It was indeed a lovely night, Sharon Baron came along to help sail and enjoy the night. We had steady gentle wind from the east, sailed towards stilts Ville which fascinated our guests here are her own words:
celebrating family and friends! So beautiful and peaceful ! Carolyn