Tuesday, May 31, 2005

May 31st. 2005,The final journey of Pedro Nuszkowski

Back to the dock Posted by Hello

The Nuszkowski family in the cockpit Posted by Hello

Back to the dock Posted by Hello

Gladys contacted me to fulfill her husband's last wish. The day started with heavy rain, which ultimately gave way to a very still cloudy cool morning. The mood of the weather was very fit for the mood and purpose of the trip. Gladys's son Rick and his wife Lyne and their three beautiful triplet children Stephanie,Danielle and Rikito came to wish Pedro a final good by:
Here is what Rick wrote:
The Family of Pedro T. Nuszkowski layed his remains to rest- fulfilling his wishes. May he rest in peace and reside with God. I know you are happy my good abuelo. Rick

Friday, May 27, 2005

May 24th. 2005, Racheli Vidal's B. Day

On the bow , prior to departure Posted by Hello

Racheli and Felipe on the helm Posted by Hello

Racheli and Asaad on the helm Posted by Hello

Felipe also know ans the Geek Posted by Hello

Back to the dock after a lovely night sail Posted by Hello

It was a spur of the moment invitation when Felipe told me it was Racheli's birthday. I told him let us go sailing, the moon was full and the wind was up straight from the west, so we hoisted the main alone and sailed due south.
Here is what Racheli wrote:
31st Birthday of Rachei Vidal
Wind speed 20 Knots
My husband surprised me with an evening cruise. It was my first time on a sail boat and quite calm and enjoyable. We observed a beautiful orange moon and a satellite orbiting above us. I got to steer the boat which was a lot like driving a semi truck from the back. Asaad is a great captain and taught me a lot about the boat and it's instruments. He is a great Captain and a true gentleman.
Smile-Racheli Vidale

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

May 15th. 2005, Gregory Soucy

Michael Roscu, Asaad and Kelly Jo Gregorakis Posted by Hello

Selene Soucy and Norma Goonen Posted by Hello

Greg, Julia and Kelly Posted by Hello

Mike, Greg, Selene,Julia and kelly Posted by Hello

Back to the dock, tired but happy Posted by Hello

Gregory Soucy wanted to share with his family and friends a day on the bay. It was indeed a beautiful day. Gentle breeze and sunny. We sailed south for several hours. On the way back the crew wanted to cool off. So we dropped the sails and let them take a dip. A good time was had by all

May14th.2005,PM, Mike Fine and Fiance

Mike Fine and fiance Marielena, before embarking Posted by Hello

The lovebirds on the bow, before sunset Posted by Hello

Mike Fine was celebrating his engagement to his lovely fiance Marielena.
It was a beautiful night, we even had beautiful fire works on Key Biscayne. Here is what Mike wrote:
Our one week anniversary couldn't have been more romantic. Perfect weather, perfect sky with a perfect woman. We are very lucky to have each other to share these amazing moments. Thank you Asaad

May 14th, AM, Patricia Hopkins and friends

What a bunch of beautiful women Posted by Hello

Patricia Hopkins and friends Posted by Hello

Upon arrival, happy group Posted by Hello

Patricia Hopkins gets together with her class mates and life friends every two years. This year they decided to meet in Miami. It was my lucky day to have these lovely ladies share their special day with me. It was windy and partly cloudy. We sailed with the main and staysail. They were catching up with their life stories. What a way to have a reunion.
Here is what Patricia wrote:
Thank you so much for a great day! You Rock, Tricia Hopkins

May 13th.2005, Ann Marie Rozzoni

Ann Marie and friend Nancy Posted by Hello

Ann Marie and Nancy on the bow sprit, flying Posted by Hello

Ann Marie smiling, the magic city in the background Posted by Hello

Ann Marie wanted to give her friend Nancy who came from Tennessee to see Ann Marie. They wanted a smooth steady ride, so we sailed with the main alone. It was sunny and the wind was 15-20 Knots.
Here is what Ann Marie wrote:
What a wonderful experience to share with my very best friend. I am truly blessed, Ann Marie
Thanks Asaad, Loved the trip, thanks, Nancy

Sunday, May 08, 2005

May 7th. Evening, Ellen Kula and friends

Mike and Michelle,Susie and Jason,Elliot and Ellen,O.J and Evie, What a crew Posted by Hello

The 4 lovely birthday ladies Posted by Hello

The lucky husbands, on the bow Posted by Hello

The ladies on the bow Posted by Hello

Let us call it the grengo crowd. As they put it I saved the best to last.
They really had a ball. They brought good food, good music and good cheer. It was a celebration for 4 birthdays. The weather was great, the breeze was up, the wind was steady at 20 Knots. So I opted to raise the main only to provide a comfortable ride. Here is what Ellen wrote
Celebrating 4 birthdays with great friends, good laughs, good food and good times. Thanks for the fantastic outing. Ellen Kula