Saturday, April 30, 2005

April 29th. 2005, Lisa Murphy & Family

Catrina,Colin,Ian,Lisa,Alicia and Louis Posted by Hello

Here they are again, what a happy crew Posted by Hello

Upon Arrival to the dock. Posted by Hello

Lisa Murphy of the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau wanted to make her husband Colin birthday a special one. His brother Ian, also has the same birthday, and he came from Great Britain with his wife Catrina to celebrate their day together. It was a total surprise for Colin to learn that his brother was coming. Lisa new all will enjoy a day on the bay. Catrina in particular, even though she grew up by the water in England she never been sailing. She really enjoyed the night sail, and the lit up sky and fresh breeze. Alicia and her husband Louis were also with us and they both had a great time.

Here is what Lisa wrote:

There are many ways to make a memory, but this one was a memory that will last forever. We loved it and will cherish it for ever.

Lisa Murphy

Thursday, April 28, 2005

April 28th. 2005, Marsha Phleps & Family

Christopher on the helm Posted by Hello

Marsha and Tom. Dad and daughter special moment Posted by Hello

Don and fiance Dona, enjoying the moment Posted by Hello

The full crew upon arriving, all happy Posted by Hello

Masha wanted to do something special for her dad Tom Green for his birthday. She knew he will enjoy a day on the water. Her brother Don and his fiance Dona and his son Christopher were her for the occasion. It also happened to be Don's birthday and anniversary. The day was just spectacular, wind from the East at 15 to 20 k, the temperature was just right and fun was had by all.

Here is what Marsha wrote:

The Sun God "RA" delivered the perfect day for our celebration!
Thank you

Sunday, April 24, 2005

April 23rd. PM, Carolina's Anniversary

Carolona an JP relaxing on the bow Posted by Hello

Carolina and the Captain, learning how to steer Posted by Hello

The lovebirds on the helm Posted by Hello

What a lovely couple, I think they are hooked Posted by Hello

Carolina Montero wanted to celebrate her anniversary bonding with JP. What a wonderful way to commemorate a special day. They really are a special couple and they certainly had a special day. The day was amazing. As I mentioned the morning cruise was so quiet, hardly any wind, the afternoon, was the other extreme, the wind was 23 K steady gusting to 30k and thy really loved the experience. Each took the helm and experienced the magic of harnessing the awesome power of the wind. I have a feeling they are hooked on sailing. I certainly hope to see them again, next anniversary or even earlier.

Here is what Caroloina wrote:

A perfect wendy and sunny day at the sea. We enjoyed the company and your kind instructions and efforts to make the experience unforgettable. See you at the sea. This will definitely be an anniversary that will stay in our hearts

J.P. and Carolina

Saturday, April 23, 2005

April 23rd. 2005 A M, Coaching Cruise I

Dr. Steve lecturing on stress management Posted by Hello

The crew on the bow Posted by Hello

Back to the dock a relaxed and enlightened crew Posted by Hello

The first coaching cruise organized by Dr. Steve Liebewitz. In attendance were;
Don Marks and wife Luanna, David Weintraub and wife Liz, Attorney Carolyn Packard and friend Betsy.

Here is what Carolyn wrote

Great sail & great Captain

Here is what Dave wrote

A perfect day smooth sail. It was all right especially the company and the crew. Much to be thankful for.

The morning was very still, as the day progressed we had a little more wind. We were actually able to sail in the channel. A baby dolphin was sighted jumping high in the air, and the big ones were not far. It was lovely to watch. This was the smalest dolphin I ever saw, it was not much bigger than a good size fish.

Friday, April 22, 2005

April 22nd. 2005, EMC2, Germany

Brend Aubebacher on the helm Posted by Hello

Ulrike Riess Posted by Hello

Karsen Haak, Ulrike and Achim Gebhart Posted by Hello

Back to thr dock, a happy crew Posted by Hello

The German crew from EMC2 came aboard for an afternoon sail. The wind was variable from the east. We had the new mainsail up and the big jib. They were on the helm all the time. They had a great time. Here are their pictures

Thursday, April 21, 2005

April 20th. 2005, Samsonite Regatta

The group on the bow Posted by Hello

A photo op, Miami in the background Posted by Hello

Upon arrival after a hard day at sea Posted by Hello

The Samsonite executives came to Miami to sail. Six gentlemen were on the RA:
Greg O'Conner, Tom Korbas, Bill Lippe, Gianpaulo Sala, Frank Ma and Collen Beatie.

Here is what Greg Wrote:

Beautiful day & beautiful boat , but a lazy crew

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

April 6th. 2005, Bill Cassara and Family

Dixon Cassara,on the helm Posted by Hello

Kim.Bill and Dixon relaxing on the bow Posted by Hello

Paige trying her hand steering Posted by Hello

All four members of the family after a day at sea Posted by Hello

Bill Cassara, wife Kim, Daughter Paige and son Dixon, came to Miami from Augusta, Georgia. Bill used to live in Miami and is not a stranger to Biscayne Bay. So he wanted to share his past sailing experience with his family. It was a windy day. . I raised the main and the staysail. Every body loved it, especially Dixon, who did enjoy the power and speed while he was on the helm. Young Paige though was a little uncomfortable, so we opted to furl the stay, and just go with the main.

Here is what Dixon wrote:
Great trip, thank you, driving the ship was fun