Thursday, March 24, 2005

March 24th. 2005, Bob Berkowitz& crew

The crew posing for Bob Posted by Hello

Swimming Beauties Posted by Hello

The crew including Bob and Annie Posted by Hello

Bob's wife joined us upon arrival Posted by Hello

They wanted a picture with the Captain Posted by Hello

Bob wanted to do something special for his old friend from College. His friend's daughter, Stacy is here from D.C. on spring break with her friends. Bob invited them to spend a day sailing. He could not have ordered a better day. The wind was a friendly 10-15 K, from the East, the sky was clear. We sailed to Stiltsville, and on the way back they wanted to go swimming.,to them the water was lovely.
here is what they wrote:
Captain Asaad:
Thanks so much for this wonderful day. We had a great time, beautiful weather and enjoyed our chats. ( Stiltsville)
Water was warm for us northerners, DC girls. Thank you for the swim

Misty kline, Sharon Gale, Lori Jennings,Christie Hall, Erin McMahon, Stacy Bronstein, Annie and uncle Bob ( Washington DC and Houston TX )

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

March 23rd,2005, Jim Ariza's Family

Shari and Ashly Posted by Hello

Soaking up the sun on the bow Posted by Hello

Shari, Ashly, Carol and John Posted by Hello

The happy crew after a day at sea Posted by Hello

My good friend Jim Ariza called me to see if I am available for a day sail to accommodate his visiting cousin from Maryland. By 9 am we were under sail. The bay was hazy, with intermittent sun. We had good wind from the south. We sailed nicely with the main alone. The young ladys from Maryland, Ashly and Shari, spent most of the time on the bow soaking up the sun. John and carol stayed in the cockpit in the shade.

Here is what they wrote in the log:

We had an awesome time!
The weather was great .Thank you
The water was beautiful and it was so relaxing
Wonderful day and many thanks
Shari Gorga

Monday, March 21, 2005

March 20th.2005, PM, Doris and Eloisio Geraldi

Doris and Eloisio on the bow Posted by Hello

Big smiles, Miami in the background Posted by Hello

Doris enjoying the Bowsprit Posted by Hello

The love birds Posted by Hello

Robert called me from the Biltmore to book the RA for Mr. And Mrs Geraldi, who were here from Rio De Janeiro.
They came on time after my morning charter. They sat on the bow and took it all in. The wind was brisk from the East at 15 K. The sail was really delightful.
Here is what they wrote inspite of their limited mastery of the English language:
Today was unforgettable for me, thanks very much,

It was pleasant to know the captain Asaad, Thanks

March 20th. 2005, Am, Jeannette Nieuwenhuijs

Captain Mike and his guests on Nepenteh Posted by Hello

Jeannette,Hanny and Lex Posted by Hello

Jeannette, Eli and Beatrijs Posted by Hello

All the crew upon arrival, all smiles Posted by Hello

My good friend ,Captain Michael Del Marmol invited me to go in tandem with him to accommodate his friends and guests, for the morning sail. He wanted to go to No Name Harbor and raft up for lunch. We sailed towards No Name, but the wind was light, and it looked like time will not allow me to do the rafting at No Name and make it back for my 2 pm charter. So I suggested abandoning the original plan. Captain Mike suggested rafting up right there by the channel, reluctantly I agreed so I do not disappoint Mike's friends. While rafting, a motor boat wake had the boats rub each other and my rub rail on the port side got damaged. Well the good news, there was no structural damage, and no body got hurt. I did my best not to allow this to spoil the mood of the trip. The group had a good time and all of them wrote kind words in my ship's log.
Here is what they wrote:

Wonderful Day! Unfortunately a bit of wild west. All because of Mike the cowboy. Hope things will sort out, we are a bit worried about the damage done.
We did some paparazzi picture taking,
Jeannette Nieuwenhuijs

Great day, Thank you, Eli Reissner

Thank you very much, we loved the sail
Hanny and Lex Nieuwenhuijs

Thanks a heap for a delightful sailing day. Sailing in a sail boat after working on a 10,000 ton steamship is like flying a sailpane compared to an airplane.
The second oldest passenger, Fredrick Nieuwenhuijs

I had never thought to see Miami again after my visit last year, but here I am and I love every minute. Thanks a lot
Fredrika Nieuwenhuijs, (85) The oldest passenger on the ship

Also present was Beartijs de Waard

Saturday, March 19, 2005

March 18th. 2005, Lorraine James,RCKB

Lorraine and Darrin on the bow Posted by Hello

What a big laugh Posted by Hello

The love birds Posted by Hello

Frank The Concierge at the Ritz Carlton of Key Biscayne recommended me to Lorena. She called me and arranged to take her friend Darrin Sailing. That was a surprise for him. He Came from Atlanta to celebrate their anniversary. It was a lovely evening, She had such a good time, she invited me to have a massage at the Spa of the Ritz. What a great gift from her.

Here is what she wrote:
Lorraine James and Darrin Howard, anniversary of two souls meant to be.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

March 15th.Everything Miami, Star

Larysa helping raise the sail Posted by Hello

Terri on the helm Posted by Hello

Sherry on the helm Posted by Hello

Andy,Terri,Sherry and Larysa Posted by Hello

The happy crew upon arrival Posted by Hello

Michelle Revulta of the GMCVB, arranged for the crew of Star, The Entertainment information Station, of Toronto, Ontario, to come aboard the RA to experience a sailing outing on Beautiful Biscayne Bay. I was happy to welcome Sherry Greengrass the producer, Larysa Harapyn the host of the show and Andy Feige the photographer. Also came on board guest Terri Noyes. It was a very nice day, we sailed toward the bridge to have the city skyline in the background. The dolphins made a brief appearance to greet the Canadian guests.

Here is what they wrote in the log:

Dear Captain, Thank you for a wonderful morning
Larysa Harapyn

Captain Asaad, our sail was paradise- The perfect way to end a shoot.
Sherry Greengrass, Producer

Dear Captain, Thank you for a perfect ending to a glamorous week in Miami,
Terri Noyes

Captain, Thanks for letting us shoot on your sailboat. It made our day
Andy Feige