Monday, February 14, 2005

February 14th. Valentine's' D. Elija McWilliams

What a sunset Posted by Hello

Elija McWillams,Teena Almond and Brionne Almond Posted by Hello

Elija found me on the internet. He decided to take his family for a spin on Biscayne Bay. We took off about 4 pm with beautiful sunny warm weather. In fact after a short sail,they decided to do some sightseeing instead. So we motored by Key Biscayne and looked at the nice mansions on the water. On the way home we a observed a magnificent sunset. It then got a little chilly, so I got them a nice warm blanket and tucked them in.
Here is what Teena wrote:
The sail was amazing, Best Valentine's day I have ever had. The sunset was beautiful, and the Captain made it a great experience
Teena Almond