Sunday, February 27, 2005

Carrie & Jason King February 27th. 2005

Carrie and Jason weathering the heavy weather sailing Posted by Hello

The happy couple upon arrival Posted by Hello

Carrie surprised her husband Jason with this trip from Ohio. She arranged everything including the sailing trip. Neither of them have ever sailed. The weather was very heavy. It was blowing 22 gusting to 25 Knots . It was sort of grey. But as usual the bay was not rough. I was concerned about their comfort. So we sailed with the main alone. The RA was very stable and they really had a good time. We got to watch some of the races that were taking place on the bay.
Here is what Carrie wrote in the log:

This was Jason & I's first trip ever sailing. The Captain & crew was superb, could not ask for a better time. The sailing trip was very smooth, food & beverages were well equipped.
The Captain takes extremely good care of his boat. Very clean. Sailing trip with 5 stars for experience, Cleanliness & mannerism.
Thank you for the great experience
Carrie King, West Unity, Ohio

Saturday, February 26, 2005

February 26th, AM, Dr. Ann Burdic

Annie smiling with her little niece Posted by Hello

The young crowd on the bow Posted by Hello

Annie,Nina, Nerissa,Brian Jessie and Sharon Berman Posted by Hello

Dr. Ann Burdick, My great dermatologist, and her husband Brian, decided to treat their family who are visiting form New York to a day on the waters of great Biscayne Bay. It was very calm, but that is what Annie wanted for the family who were not experienced sailors. I promised them the appearance of the Miami Dolphins, who actually showed up towards the end of the trip.

Here is what Annie wrote:
A smooth sail with an able Captain and a crew aged 4 to 67 years old. An exciting and relaxing change of pace. Frolicking dolphins and a bloated jelly fish. A wonderful family reunion event! We will come back soon,
Annie and Brian Burdick

February 26th. PM Eileen Hammill

The crew with the green Mints on the bow, what fun Posted by Hello

Eileen wanted to do something very special to celebrate Her husband's birthday. What a great idea she had, to invite his best friends and go for an afternoon sail on the RA. The weather was great, good 10 knots of wind, then a little gentle drizzle which did not dampen the enthusiasm of the group. The dolphins were still out there since this morning. Here is what Andrew the birthday kid wrote:

Our sail today was the perfect birthday gift. What could be better than being out on the water with good friends and a Captain who made sure we all had a wonderful time. Thank you Captain Asaad
Andrew Hamill, Westun, Florida

Sunday, February 20, 2005

February 19th. 2005, Greg and Guen Miller

Captain Melinda and husband Mike Loberg on the helm Posted by Hello

Guen and Greg Miller On the helm Posted by Hello

The crew on the bow upon arrival after a great day at sea Posted by Hello

Greg and Gwen wanted to treat their friends and guests from Boston to a special treat. They knew they will enjoy a sail on the beautiful Biscayne bay. So they chartered the RA and further more arranged for a 15-20 Knots of wind. And what a day we had. The wind was from the north east and we were able to sail in and out of Dinner Key channel. We also sailed to the tip of Key Biscayne and to the ocean and back thru Stiltsvill. The ocean was choppy but was so beautiful. They were impressed by the houses on Stiltsvill.
A great time was had by all.
Here is what Melinda wrote:
Asaad, it was a perfect sailing day, and you are a perfect host. Thanks for taking us out to the "blue waters" !
Melinda Loberg, Mike Loberg, Gwen and Greg Miller

Monday, February 14, 2005

February 14th. Valentine's' D. Elija McWilliams

What a sunset Posted by Hello

Elija McWillams,Teena Almond and Brionne Almond Posted by Hello

Elija found me on the internet. He decided to take his family for a spin on Biscayne Bay. We took off about 4 pm with beautiful sunny warm weather. In fact after a short sail,they decided to do some sightseeing instead. So we motored by Key Biscayne and looked at the nice mansions on the water. On the way home we a observed a magnificent sunset. It then got a little chilly, so I got them a nice warm blanket and tucked them in.
Here is what Teena wrote:
The sail was amazing, Best Valentine's day I have ever had. The sunset was beautiful, and the Captain made it a great experience
Teena Almond

Sunday, February 13, 2005

February 13th. 2005, Gary Senk and crew

Jon Senk,Andrew Aidman and Whitney Pyles on the bow Posted by Hello

Gary Senk and Dad Erwin two old Salts Posted by Hello

Gary and Alan, Having a ball Posted by Hello

The crew after a hard fun day at sea Posted by Hello

Dr. Gary Senk ordered a great sailing day with plenty of sunshine and 10-15 knots of wind. He even ordered some dolphins to come and entertain us. It was a great day on the bay. His crew included his dad Erwin Senk and his son Jon Senk and his friend from college Alan Simon, and friends of Jon, Andrew Aidman and Whitney Pyles.
Here is what Alan wrote:

The spirituality of the ocean was impressive- but even more impressive was the gentle nature and good karma of the Captain. Macrobiotic eating must work for proper living and good balance

Here is what Andrew wrote:
Asaad, Thanks for the good times and the view of the dolphins. It was Magical

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

February 1st. 2005, Money Magazine

Toby on the helm and Ann smiling Posted by Hello

Sailing vessel Nepenteh Posted by Hello

The crew of Nepenteh,Teesha,Doug,Liz and Leshai Posted by Hello

Happy sailors after a hard day at sea Posted by Hello

The crew of RA - Jim, Ann, Sarah, Rich and Josh Posted by Hello

The production and marketing staff of Money Magazine who picked sailing had a great experience. We set sail on the Sailing vessels RA and Nepenteh. The two boats went in tandem, and we took pictures of Nepenteh's crew having a ball. Our crew on the the RA also had a great time.

Here is what the crew of the RA wrote on the ship's log:

Asaad- Thanks for a splendid day aboard the RA!, Fair winds always

Asaad- Many thanks for our 4 hours escape from reality, you are a gentleman and a fine sailor. All the best
Jim Merel

Had a blast!! Beautiful sail
Sarah Jane Vilotta

Asaad, Thank you for a great day!
Josh Orensten

Asaad, Thank you for such a great day on Biscayne Bay!
Richard Sheridan