Tuesday, January 25, 2005

January 25th. 2005, Dr. Bhuva and Co.

The group having fun Posted by Hello

Here they are more serious Posted by Hello

A fun group from England, found me on the welcome guide, and decided to go sailing.
It was a very calm day. We did some sailing windward , but on the way back the wind completely died. They were here to chill any way. They did enjoy themselves.
Here is what Dr. Bhuva Wrote:

Asaad, thank you for a memorable experience. We thoroughly enjoyed our nautical experience! The sail was wonderful, calm waters, and a great sunset was enjoyed on the way home. Thanks for your nautical information, and I hope your experience with a Brazilian is not too far off ! ha ha

We look forward to visiting your website and looking forward to seeing our snaps.
Regards and safe sailing for the future:

Drs. Surinder, Anand, Bhavin, Shrik, Raj and Hitesh