Monday, January 31, 2005

January 31st, 2005, Editors, Money Magazine

The three gentlemen and a lady Posted by Hello

Sheryl smiling on the helm Posted by Hello

Pat, a new experience. He really did a good Job Posted by Hello

Three gentlemen and a Lady, editors of Money Magazine, here for a conference. They chose to go sailing instead of golf, or shopping. Good choice. The bay was absolutely gorgeous. The wind was 10 to 15 Knots.

Here is what each of them wrote in the log:

Fabulous sail today. Captain Asaad is the best
Sheryl T. New jersey

Oh, Captain, My Captain: Thanks for a wonderful sail on your beautiful ship
Glen Coleman, NYC

Thank you so much for introducing me to sailing
Pat Regin

Thanks , Asaad, for a sunny day aboard the good ship RA. A great sail
Ryan D'Agostino, NYC

Sunday, January 30, 2005

January 30th,2005 PM, Pilar Birriel,MD.

Pilar ,young Pilar,Paula and Maria Elena, having a nice time Posted by Hello

Jose and the girls all smiles Posted by Hello

Every body upon arrival to the dock Posted by Hello

Dr.Pilar arranged for the family outing. All the Birriel family, Pilar,her husband Dr. Jose Birriel, and the three little ones Camila, Paula and young Pilar and their good friend Dr. Maria Elena Artze. It was a clear and peaceful night, with gentle breeze. Every body had a good time, although little Camila was not too happy.
Here is what Jose Wrote:
We had a great experience, Thank you

January 30th. 2005, AM Thor Bruce

Thor, Robert and Jim Posted by Hello

Professor Dr. Thor Bruce, of the Universiy of Miami, brought his brother Robert and friend Jim Heslop to enjoy a day aboard the RA on Biscayne Bay.
It was just a lovely morning, with gentle breeze. We sailed across the bay and sailed back in the channel.
Here is what Thor wrote:
We had a pleasant sail in the bay. Thanks from Jim Heslop, Robert Bruce and Thor Bruce

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

January 25th. 2005, Dr. Bhuva and Co.

The group having fun Posted by Hello

Here they are more serious Posted by Hello

A fun group from England, found me on the welcome guide, and decided to go sailing.
It was a very calm day. We did some sailing windward , but on the way back the wind completely died. They were here to chill any way. They did enjoy themselves.
Here is what Dr. Bhuva Wrote:

Asaad, thank you for a memorable experience. We thoroughly enjoyed our nautical experience! The sail was wonderful, calm waters, and a great sunset was enjoyed on the way home. Thanks for your nautical information, and I hope your experience with a Brazilian is not too far off ! ha ha

We look forward to visiting your website and looking forward to seeing our snaps.
Regards and safe sailing for the future:

Drs. Surinder, Anand, Bhavin, Shrik, Raj and Hitesh

Sunday, January 23, 2005

January 23rd. 2006, Liz Quam-Berne

Tony Berne on the helm Posted by Hello

Liz Quam enjoying the sail Posted by Hello

Laura and Jon having fun Posted by Hello

The Captain and the guests, after a hard day at sea Posted by Hello

The First Mate and the Guests Posted by Hello

Liz and her son Tony were here from the twin cities in Minnesota. She knew that Biscayne Bay was the place for sailing. She invited her nephew and his lady to come for the experience. It was a cold cloudy windy morning, but that did not dampen their enthusiasm for sailing.

It actually was a great sail. Only Gianfranco and me were cold. The guests did not think it was cold. Tony was on the helm most of the trip. He really did a great job steering the boat. I still can not believe that he was not cold in his shorts and short sleeve shirt.

Here is what Jon wrote:

Wonderful trip. We sailed through a sailing Regatta, and Lively discussion of the state of the world. We even had a little sun towards the end. We know that Tony has a career in sailing. Our most important lesson learned is that sailing , like life is more about the journey than the destination,

Liz, Tony Berne, Laura Shives and Jon Mundorf

Monday, January 17, 2005

January 16th,2005, Gregory Poeter and Mac King

Greg on the helm and mac having a beer Posted by Hello

Mac King steering the RA Posted by Hello

Greg and Mac upon arrival after a hard day at sea Posted by Hello

Greg and Mack braved the blustery windy cold January day and decided to make the best out of it and go sailing. They were not one bit disappointed. RA performed superbly as she always does with heavy weather. She exceeded hull speed, under the Main and the staysail only. The wind was steady 25 with gusts up to 30 knots. Our speed was steady 6-7 Knots and peaked to 7.8 with the heavy gusts. Both young men had a great time. Here is what they wrote:

Fantastic trip, went out for a few hours to practice up our sailing, great boat, better captain, even better time. Can not wait to come back for a longer trip. Sorry about the furling line


Mac King and Greg Poeter

Thursday, January 13, 2005

January 13th. 2005, Jim Long Of Gategourmet aboard the Blue Waters

Captain Zeb with the norwigian guests Posted by Hello

Jim Long, and Adam Koontz in the center of the group Posted by Hello

Joseph and Hanz and the rest of the group having a toast Posted by Hello

Gerard savoring the feast Posted by Hello

Sol,Donna,Adam and Hanz enjoying  Posted by Hello

Sol and Asaad Posted by Hello

The Birthday lady hving fun Posted by Hello

Captain Zeb with the norwigian guests Posted by Hello

Sol and Hanz here from Norway Posted by Hello

The Motor Vesssel Blue Waters ready for the guests to board Posted by Hello

Jim Long of Gate Gourmet, brought his colleagues who came from all over the world to Miami aboard the motor yacht Blue waters. They brought wonderful food and Beverages. Captain Zeb took us to the intracoastal to see the beautiful homes and scenery. The weather was a bit misty, but the boat was very comfortable and every body had a great time. Solveig (sol)was celebrating her 50th. birthday and had a especially memorable day . I have some pictures to show how the cruise went.