Monday, December 27, 2004

December 27th. 2004, Carrie Watson and Family

Jenny, Melissa, Carrie and Anna on the bow Singing Posted by Hello
Mike, Beth, Megan and Nick, The Captain On the helm Posted by Hello

The full Crew and the Captain upon Arrival Posted by Hello

The group with the first mate Marcus Posted by Hello

Carrie Watson found me on the internet. She wanted to surprise her lovely family when they come to Miami. They did not know where or What they were doing until they arrived to the boat. What a wonderful family they are. All three Generations. They were huddled on the bow singing Christmas carols and having a ball.
We sure had plenty of wind for a great sail, but we did not have the Florida sun. The dolphins came out and everybody was excited to see them.
Here is what Jenny wrote:
Oh my Captain "A" and Marcus, although we are just a small part of a large family, our "family" was so lucky to be part of this wonderful experience. Thank you Captain, thank you Marcus and thank you "Carolyn Ann", for this memorable experience, Love

Sunday, December 19, 2004

December 18th, Gianfranco and his Guests

Ranata, Sofia and Carolina Posted by Hello

What a beautiful smile Posted by Hello

Carolina , what a pretty girl Posted by Hello

Senior Sancassano, and what a sunset  Posted by Hello

Sofia and her friend relaxing Posted by Hello

Ranata and Jerry having a drink Posted by Hello

My friend and first Mate, Senior Gianfranco Sancassano brought his guests from Miami Beach to enjoy a sail on the RA, We had a very nice gentle breeze, did a little sailing and a little motor sailing and watched the gorgeous Sunset. We all had a great time.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

December 14th,Starwood United

The Crew on The RA Posted by Hello

S.V. Isle of View Posted by Hello

Rear View of Isle of View Posted by Hello

S.V. Vita Posted by Hello

The Captain on the Helm Posted by Hello

The First Mate on the Helm Posted by Hello

S.V. Tondolyo Posted by Hello

S.V. Night at Sea Posted by Hello

S.V. Troyka II Posted by Hello

14 Sailing vessels went racing. The wind was light, coming from the North West. We sailed to the Rickenbacker Bridge on a Starboard Tack. The race was only one way. We came back motor sailing.
My guests :
Chuck Hilpl, Lela Williams, Jamie Rice, Gwynn Dominguez, Dave Swift and Sandy Montalvo.
Here is what they wrote:
This is better than Golfing, Great fun even though we did not win the race J Rice

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

December 7th. 2004, Camila Pereira

Camila Pereira on the hellm Posted by Hello

Camila and the Captain Posted by Hello

Miami Sky Line Posted by Hello

Camila contacted the GMCVB, I received the info about her visit and invited her to see the best of Miami. She is here from Brazil to write about what to see and do in the Magic City. We went sailing and I also took her to the Christmas party of the GMCVB
at Nikki Beach. She was really impressed, particularly when the Major entertainment at the party was the dancing girls from Brazil.
Here is what Camila wrote on my log book
What a wonderful afternoon! Great view and very nice new friends to remember when in Brazil. I hope you have the chance to go there so I can return the pleasant trip
Best wishes,
Camila Pereira

Sunday, December 05, 2004

December 4th. 2004, Michelle Revuelta and friends celebrating Michele DeSantis Birthday

The Birthday girl in the forefront and friends Posted by Hello

The Captain and the happy crew Posted by Hello

Michelle Revuelta of the Greater Miami Conventions and Visitors Bureau decided that the best present she can give to her friend Michele DeSantis is to take her sailing on The RA. So she invited Jessica Alonso and Genvieve Amaris, and ordered a great afternoon and we all had a geat time.
Here is what they wrote in the Log:

Thank you so much Captain Asaad for this wonderful lunch sail. A beautiful experience for us all to see the real Miami by the water. Seeing our City from a distance truly makes us appreciate what we have in our big backyard. Thank you again for your hospitality
Michelle R

This was such a relaxing experience. The day was just so clear and peaceful. Friends, lunch, girl talk, wine and two great Captains.
what more can a girl ask for besides a beautiful birthday for my friend Michele.
Genvieve Amaris

Thank you so much for such a lovely birthday gift. This is the best gift anyone could ever get !! What a perfect gift and lovely day. Couldn't have asked for a better day.
Thank you
captain Asaad
Michele Desantis, the birthday girl

December 3rd. 2004, Lisa Jeffery and the Nigerians

Captain Lisa on the helm Posted by Hello

A happy group Posted by Hello

Sailing into the sunset Posted by Hello

Tayo Fadile, Etomi Sotonye and wife Posted by Hello

Lisa Jeffrey and her Nigerian delegation came aboard for a sunset cruise. Lisa sent an e mail saying
Thanks for a perfect sailing trip
What a wonderful trip. The Nigerians loved it and I think it was the perfect way to end a very hectic week for all of them and me. It was great to have Marcus aboard too. He is always fascinating, Like you.
hare are the names of the visitors:
Mr. Etomi Sotonye, Legal consultant,Federal Ministry of Transport, and wife
Mr. Tayo Fadile, Public Relations Manager(National Inland authority)
and ofcourse Lisa Jeffery, Captain of all seasons, MBA , MA, Trainer and Consultant