Tuesday, August 10, 2004

August 8th 1-5 PM, Maria Calderon & friends

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Maria Calderon wanted to celebrate her boy friend's Birthday in a special way. So she chartered the RA and invited his friends, and brought lots of food and drinks and even an ice cream cake. The wind was calm, we sailed a little, motored a little and swam a little. A good time was had by all.
Here is what Maria wrote:

Thanks for having us on your sailboat. The two birthday boys had a great time. Especially all the rest of the group. We hope to go back on your sailboat soon. Don't forget to put a nice picture of Ozzie and I on the internet.
Thank you Maria

Monday, August 09, 2004

August 6th 5 - 8 PM, Luis and Teresa Oliva

Luis and Teresa toasting their 11th anniversary Posted by Hello

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Luis Oliva and his lovely wife Teresa are here from Kansas to celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary. Going sailing was a surprise for Teresa. They were all dressed up for some formal activity that was to follow the cruise.
Here is what Luis wrote:

Thank you so much captain Asaad for the romantic sail ride in the Bay. My wife an I enjoyed it very much, My expectations were completely blown away by you and your amazing ship. She is beautiful. Thank you very much.
Luis & Teresa Oliva
Lincoln Kansas

August 6th 9-3 PM, Linda Sterner & Family, 2nd Trip this Week!

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Linda Sterner came with her family for the second time in one week. She loved the trip we had two days ago so much, she invited her daughter, Sarah, who flew in from Philadelphia, just to enjoy the day on Biscayne bay. All had great time, this time we spent most of the day on the water.

Here is what Dr. Sarah Sterner wrote:

What a wonderful trip! We had a great day of sailing with great winds and learned a lot about handling the boat. Asaad is a wonderful teacher-patient and encouraging- I will definitely return to continue to practice my sailing skills. It was definitely on of my best sailing experiences.
Thank you so much
Sarah Sterner

Thursday, August 05, 2004

August 4th 2004, The MD. Ph.D. Program, U.M.

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About 9 years ago, Dr. Richard Bookman, the Director of the MD. Ph.D. program at the University of Miami School of Medicine, had the great idea of chartering the RA, to introduce the incoming students to the program to the city where they will be spending the next seven years. He said there is no better way to have them feel good about being here for that long than showing them Biscayne Bay and the the beatuful Miami sky line at night. It beacame a ritual. And every year ever since he brought the new students on board. Last year was a land mark. In addition to the new students, the first graduates also came on board. Now every year the incoming and out going studens get to go sailing. Dr. Bookman says, that way the incoming students get to see that a day will come when they will be getting thier degree and come back aboard as outgoing doctors.

On board we had Dr. Richard Bookma, Dr. Richard Lee, Cynthia Gillikin, Taylor Schreber, Branden Ditay and Gillian Reierson.

August 3rd 2004, Linda Sterner & Family

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This is the second time the Sterners came sailing on the RA. They wanted to go for an overnight, but decided to go for a couple day sailes instead due to Phil's foot injury.

The weather was threatening, we were not sure, to go or not to go, but Linda said" a bad day sailing is better than a good day on land". So we decided to go out and see what happens. and what a great sail we had.

Here is what Linda wrote at the end of the charter:

This was a great day. I have learned alot. I am hoping to charter boats in the future as a captain. Asaad is teaching me. I will be back many times. My son Charles is(10) also sailed the boat today. He is a natural. My husband, Phil was on crutches and even he had a wonderful time
Thank you
Linda Sterner, Winston Salem, NC