Saturday, July 24, 2004

July 23rd 6-10 pm, The Levy Family

The Levy Family on the Bow of the RA Posted by Hello

Sami Levy on the helm Posted by Hello

The Levy family after a hard day at sea Posted by Hello

Jeffrey, Margie, Megan, Amanda and Sami

What a lovely family that is just embarking on a new adventure. They just bought a 36 Ft Sailing vessel, which they will refurbish and enjoy together. I was lucky to have them as guests.

Here is what the girls wrote:
What a great ride. We loved sailing and driving the boat. The lights were beautiful at night. It was the best sailboat ever. I enjoyed learning how to cleat a line.

Here is what Jeffrey wrote:
There is nothing more relaxing for a family to do. We enjoyed working, learning and relaxing together. Captain Asaad is outstanding. His love for sailing, people and teaching made a fantastic day even better
Jeffrey Levy