Saturday, July 24, 2004

July 23rd 6-10 pm, The Levy Family

The Levy Family on the Bow of the RA Posted by Hello

Sami Levy on the helm Posted by Hello

The Levy family after a hard day at sea Posted by Hello

Jeffrey, Margie, Megan, Amanda and Sami

What a lovely family that is just embarking on a new adventure. They just bought a 36 Ft Sailing vessel, which they will refurbish and enjoy together. I was lucky to have them as guests.

Here is what the girls wrote:
What a great ride. We loved sailing and driving the boat. The lights were beautiful at night. It was the best sailboat ever. I enjoyed learning how to cleat a line.

Here is what Jeffrey wrote:
There is nothing more relaxing for a family to do. We enjoyed working, learning and relaxing together. Captain Asaad is outstanding. His love for sailing, people and teaching made a fantastic day even better
Jeffrey Levy

July 23rd 2-6 pm, Edith and David McCarthy

Edie McCarthy at the Helm

Edie and Dave McCarthy

Edie and Dave Swimming

Edith and David McCarthy, a lovely couple from New York. She is a MD. Research scientist, and he is an IT Guru. Marcus Zillman was on Board.

Here is what David wrote:

This trip was a total surprise that was planned and excuted by my wife. The crew, Boat and weather were all perfect. I cannot think of a better way for a couple to relax and spend time together . Thanks Edie. I Love you. Thanks Captain Asaad and thanks Marcus.

The RA was exactly what I was looking for. An Old fashioned beautiful, graceful sailboat. Captain Asaad was an added Perk. A knowledgeable, polite gentleman who treated us to a day of relaxing sailing, swimming and fun. Thanks for the experience.

David McCarthy.

The McCarthys are friends with Captain Niklas Peterstan. Captain of the Norwegian Dawn. What a coincidence, since we take the guests of that ship sailing every Wednesday.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

July 22nd, Donna, Mike and Annie Laura, NCL

Mike, Donna & Annie on the Bow Posted by Hello

Mike and Annie on the helm Posted by Hello

Annie Laura Steering the RA Posted by Hello

Donna, Mike and Anna came on board from the Norweigain Dawn, NCL.
The weather was great, everybody had a hand on the helm.
Here is what Donna wrote:

"A gift- what a beautiful & most relaxing sailing experience. Hope to see you soon. Thanks to our Captain and Marcus for a great trip."


Monday, July 19, 2004

July 18th, Ramon Alonso and Crew

Ramon, his Spanish crew and the Captain Posted by Hello

The Captain and the crew Posted by Hello

Ramon heard about RA from Eva, who was on board yesterday. He brought his heavy duty  Spanish sailing buddies. They wanted to get all the sails up. It was blowing 30 knots. So we settled for the Main and the Staysail. We were making hull speed, was a great ride.
The crew were:
Necea Parob, Rita La Cantaora, Cris Pernos, Patricia Aixemeno, Jose Soeino, Ramon Alonso and Rafael Ouro.
Gianfranco was my first Mate and the translator

July 17th, PM, Ana Jimenez, Patrick & Kathleen Buclkey

Ana Jimenez and Patrick Buckley  Posted by Hello

Kathleen Buckley from Texas Posted by Hello

Ana steering The RA, Big Smile Posted by Hello

Ana chartered the boat to show Kathleen who came from Texas the beauty of the bay.
Here is what Kathleen wrote:

"All of the beautiful things of life in South Florida in a day saw dolphins and realized whose world we are in. No better way to spend the day. Tell someone you love."

July 17th AM, Eva Berman, Juan and Pile Alvarez

Eva Berman, Juan and Pile Alvarez Posted by Hello

Dr. Marcus with Stiltsville in the background Posted by Hello

Eva and the crew Posted by Hello

Eva found me on the internet. She chartered RA to take her Spanish guests the beautiful waters of Biscayne Bay, and Stilltsville. We sailed through Stiltsville, on the way home we had some heavy weather. It was great sailing all the way home.

Here is what Eva wrote:

"Great sailing trip. Captain was very pleasant and confident in what he was doing. Best sailing for maney years to come."
Be well Eva

Monday, July 05, 2004

Fourth of July 2004 with Roberta and Lee

Roberta Lefever on the helm Posted by Hello

Karena enjoying the sail Posted by Hello

Roberta and crew, after docking Posted by Hello

Roberta Lefever and Lee and their family from New York came to Miami to celebrate the fourth of July.
We had great weather and great fire works.
Here is what Roberta wrote:

Dear Asaad

It was wonderful sailing with you again. Thank you for a fabulous Fourth of July sail' We loved seeing fireworks from everywhere.

Roberta, Lee. Jon, Fran, Shirley, Karena and Sophie