Wednesday, June 30, 2004

June 30th. 2004, Arkady, Euginia and Alex Naiman

Alex, Arkady, the Captain and Eugina Naiman Posted by Hello

The Naimans enjoyind a swim on the Bay Posted by Hello

Arkady and Eugina Disembarking Posted by Hello

A lovely Russian family , came from Boston via NCL Dawn. Alex had some interesting political views which he shared with us. He also had his hands on the helm, and raised the sails couple times. They all went swimming and got good workout. Dr. Marcus Zillman was the official historian and host. He took some great pics which will be posted soon.
We learned that Arkady means the happy one in Greek. Asaad means the happy one in Arabic. I did have so much in common with Arkady.

Here is what Alex wrote:

I had a great sailing day, in some of the most beautiful surroundings I have ever seen! The sights were a thrill and the Captain was very kind and fun to talk to.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

June 27th.. 2004,5-9 pm, Dr. Gary Senk and the Palmetto Hi Drama

Palmetto High School Drama Team Posted by Hello

I met Dr. Senk at the Dale Carnegie Class over 15 years ago. He was an instructor, I was a student. I took him sailing and he took care of my teeth. We became very good friends over the yeas. A testimonial for relationships created at the Dale Carnegie.
His son Jon always came along since he was very young. In hot summer days, he used to sit in the cooler where we kept the ice and the drinks. He still loves to come sailing and now he is a young man , bringing his friends from the drama team of Palmetto high to share Biscayne bay with him.

here is what the team wrote:

We All had a great time just relaxing and playing Taboo on the Bow of the boat. It was a very smooth ride and we sometimes forgot we were on a boat. Thanks for a great time.

Julie Nathermnan, Jon Senk, Karlee Elddridje,Baniel Kijer, Alexis Janon and brenden Maroney
Pics by Gary will be coming soon

June 27th.. 2004,1-5 PM, Jasom Sheikh

Jason was my charter guest for over 4 years. He was an undergrad at UM. Now he is a Dental Student in Philadelphia. I am flattered because, he always calls me to book a date even prior to his arrival to Miami.
Here is what Jason wrote:

After 4 years of Chartering with Asaad, Sailing is the first appointment on my schedule on every trip back to Miami. Looking forward to yet another beautiful afternoon on the RA

Jason Sheik

June 26th,2004, Joe Nelson and his Wife

Joe wrote:

What an awesome way to spend the afternoon. A little anniversary gift to my wife to enjoy the beauty of Biscayne Bay and the surroundings. Captain Asaad, thank you for allowing us a wonderful relaxing getaway on the RA. We would love to do it again
Joe Nelson

Friday, June 25, 2004

June 25th.2004, Philipe Vidale& Granfather &Marcus Zillman

Phillipe came for his raincheck sail with his grand father. This time the weather was great, and Dr. Marcus came along as the first Mate.
Grandpa had a good time pullig ropes and handling the Boat. Phillipe also made an offer to help set up my Computer.
Here are some of the pics that Dr. Marcus took during the trip.

Phillipe, Grandpa and the Captain Posted by Hello

Dr. Captain Marcus having fun Posted by Hello

Grandpa helping tack Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Interview with Dr. Marcus Zillman, June 24th. 2004

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June 23rd, Norwigian Dawn Sail

Greg Feely, the assistant shore coordinator, escorted his guests, Gary Pica and his son and his friend Howard on the RA.
It was a beautiful day and the group decided to stay longer on the water, The dolphins came out to greet us.

Greg wrote:
An excellent day on an excellent boat with an excellent Captain. I would and will recomend this to all my guests who are interested in sailing.
I will definitely be back!
Thank you for a great day and my first sailing lesson
Greg Feely
MS Norwegian Dawn

Gary wrote
Great day. The ship is an excellent sailing vessel and the Captain made the day fun. We learned alot about sailing. I hope to come back again

Gary Pica, Howard Borochnner and Dary Pica Jr.

Pics wil be posted soon

June 22nd, Robin Avery and her group, Pauls Bithday

Robin Avery and her group  Posted by Hello

We had a good day, the wind 15-20 K from the south
Robin, Paul, Stan and Nancy. Stan and Nancy came from Colorado. we hope they enjoyed the sea level air.

Robin Wrote:
We had a wonderful time relaxing on the Bay,sharing stories and enjoying each other. The RA is a seaworthy ship with character and warmth. Asaad is a warm intelligent captain with grat hospitality,
Robin Avery, and Paul Bauman

Nancy wrote:
Asaad Gave us the gift of celeberating Pauls's birthday with wind and water
a beautiful day of sharing. Thanks
Nancy Bowman

Stan Wrot:
Wonderful Day, Smooth sailing, gracious captain,great conversations
Stan Scott, lacota, Colorado

Pics will be comming soon

June 21, 2004, Rain Check on the RA

Lisa Jeffry came to help sail the RA, the guests were Felipe Vidal, the Geek, and his grand father. The water was bad, and we decided to postpone the trip
Lisa Wrote:
Today was an awesome day, feilipe and his grand father came for a post fathers day salinf and when it was time to go, a horrible thunder and lightening storm broke and we all piled in the cabin and broke the food and drinks and told stories while captain Asaad listened to the marine weather Flood warning( The best sailors are the safe sailors.) So captain Asaad decided we'll go tomorrow morning when it is bright and sunny and fresh and when we can have fun
Even thouth we never left the dock we had a great time on the RA
And now I can say I have experienced a real live "RAIN CHECK"
Lisa Jeffrey, Miami

June 20th. 2004, Fathers Day, celebrate by the Grads

The Grads taking a swim in the Bay  Posted by Hello

The Grads with thier new found flag Posted by Hello

Myriam ,Mark, Willie , Max and Elena, came to celebrate Fathers Day on the RA. It was a quiet day in the morning. The dolphins were all over the bay. They were even performing heavy love making. I told Max(10yo) you cant watch this, he said yes it is different they cant speak. I told him yes they can, you just don't understand them.
Max wrote on my Log

We loved sailing on Fathers Day. We saw dolphins mating, and we caught an American Flag with a trigger fish stuck on it.

His grand father, Willie wrote:
First in 2002, now is 2004, and I have enjoyed it thoroughly and completely. The RA , and his captain are highly recommended, Willie

Later I receive an e mail from Elena Camargo who was on board with the Grads
Elena wrote:

Hello capt. Asaad
I want to thank you for the great sailing on Sunday, Father Day, I was with the Grads
The weather was great, The dolphins unforgettable and the test super.
I have told some friends, who may be calling.
take care and hope to see you soon
Great sailing

Elena Camargo, Asst. Promotions Manager
Bacardi Global Brands Promotions
pics will come later

June 19th. 2004, Sandra's Birthday From South Africa

Sandra, Phillip,Hanlie,and Fraja Posted by Hello

Sandra from south Africa came to sail on the Ra
She wrote on the ships Log:

Dear Captain Asaad:

Many Thanks for a making my birthday so special. Being so far away from home(Africa)feeling the wind in my hair made me think I was back home.
We all enjoyed the magnificent sunset and lazying about on the water
Fantastic way to spend the day,
Sandra,, Phillip, Hanli and Fraja

Friday, June 18, 2004

June 13th 2004, 4-8 PM, The Hall Brothers

Hall brothers and the dancing girls Posted by Hello

Dennis Hall arranged the charter. He and his brothers,their Dad and their Beautifull Dancing Girls, came aboard and had a great time. Here is what Michael Hall wrote on behalf of the group:

Dear Captain:

We had a blast, we brought Dad from Memphis TN and he experienced what S.Florida is all about, Thanks for letting us bring the dancing girls

Michael Hall
on behalf of the Group

end of log

Sail Date: June 13, 2004 1:30 -3:30 PM

Hazel Walker, Lauren Uritus and Angela Smith enjoying the sail on the RA!

Sarah Hansen and the "Captain"

Sail Time: 1:30pm - 3:30pm EDST

Charter Guests from the America Bar Association Meetings and Travel Department. This charter was arranged by Joan Wolf and the group was escourted by Barry Moskowitz both of the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Entry was made by Sarah Hansen on behalf of the group to the electronic ship's log:

Dear Captain Asaad:

We had a great time! This is awesome. We could do this every day for the rest of our lives. Thank you again!!

Sarah Hansen

Personal Message from Captain Asaad to Sarah, Lauren, Hazel and Angela:

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End of Log

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Sail Date: June 8, 2004

Sail Time: 1pm - 5pm EDST

Charter Guests from the Company of Kuehne & Nagel, Inc.

Entry from Guests to the Captain on the ship's log:

Entry One:

Dear Asaad:

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon. We had a great time and are looking forward to the next time!

Ava Lydzinski
Kuehne & Nagel, Inc.
( phone number upon request)

Entry Two:

Dear Asaad:

The third time onboard the "RA" was as enjoyable as ever!! You take excellent care of the "RA" as well as your guests! Thank you very much

Rainer Wunn
Kuehne & Nagel, Inc.
(eMail address upon request)

Reckless Rainer was sailing at top speed when he ran over a pod of six dolphins....only two surfaced and fate of the other four is still in question ;-) ;-)

End of Log