Monday, October 29, 2018

October 28th, 2018, Roberto Robledo

It was the first cool day in the season, a beautiful day to go sailing, was a spur pf the moment, Roberto and his family were looking for something exciting to do in this beautiful sunny windy Sunday. So they decided to take a sunset cruise on Biscayne bay aboard the sailing vessel R. I was going to do it alone, since it was a spur of the moment, could not find a crew. Luckily my friend Johnny showed up to say hi and I talked him into coming aboard. It was really exhilarating sail. Wind steady 20 Knots gusting to 25, Ra was very comfortable, and steady as usual with the Stay sail and Mizzen up. They all had a great time, Here is what they wrote in the log:

"What a beautiful afternoon!, We truly enjoyed the voyage. Everything we wanted and more. The weather was great our captain was awesome and we even saw dolphins! Thank you for an unforgettable trip Captain Asaad .We will be back, Iruidi and Roberto "

Monday, August 06, 2018

Bill White, August, 5th, 2018

Bill was here from Boston to see his daughter Danielle, and her Fiancé Kyle, who just got engaged. They were looking for something exciting to do, and it all worked out, they found me, and I was able to convince Rana to skip her Captain's class and join us. It really was
a beautiful day. Here is what they wrote in the log:

"Thank you so much for such an incredible adventure. We  loved learning about your ship and seeing the beautiful views. Thank you so much for the experience. It is an amazing memory!, Danielle, Bill, Donna and Kyle"

Hannah Troutman, August , 4th, 2018

Hanna wanted to return the favor to her friend Sue, who is getting Married. So she invited friends from Philly, LA, St Lois. Baltimore and Chicago, and had RA booked.
She could not have picked a nicer day. , The bride happened to be an avid sailor, you can see she participated in hoisting the sails and taking the helm.
Here is what Hannah wrote in the log:

"Thank you Captain Asaad, we were so lucky to be connected with you in Miami by Robert from the Biltmore Hotel to enjoy several hours on the bay to celebrate our dear friend Sue who is getting married. Beautiful day & appreciate the wonderful company and sailing with you !

, XOXO Hannah"

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Samma and Family, June 16th, 2018

Today was a great family reunion, dedicated to celebrating the graduation of two members of the family. The wind was calm. We raised the main, Mizzen and big Jib.
Rana was on board to help run the ship. Here is what Samma wrote in the log:

"Thank you Asaad and Rana for a beautiful boat ride in celebration of family graduations! This was the perfect trip for a group of our size and age range. My parents and my in-laws had a wonderful time and we will all look back fondly on this experience in Miami. Wishing you a healthy prosperous and bright year ahead! hope we can back soon!

Monday, June 04, 2018

Ikonya and Victoria, ,June 2nd, 2018

It was Victoria's Birthday, She and Ikonya were here from New York to celebrate her birthday. Ikonya decided that the best way to crate a special memory for her birth day is to go sailing and watch the sunset on Biscayne Bay aboard the RA. We were very lucky with the weather. They sat on the forward deck sipping wine and enjoying each others company. Here is what they wrote in the ship's log:

"Thank you immensely , Captain Asaad and Titus, for hosting  my girl friend and myself as we celebrated her birthday.It was such a memorable day, which I will always remember, IKN"

"Thank you so much

What a beautiful experience with the beautiful people, I really enjoyed the trip, the colors, the sounds and much more. That was a very special birthday gift, Victoria

Monday, May 07, 2018

April 6th, 2018, Faraz Kamili

It was mothers day celebration, spur of the moment, they decided to create some special memories with the mothers of the family, this was also a special reunion of the family from different parts of the country. They wanted to watch the sunset. It was a windy day, and we had a very nice sunset. Titus was aboard. Here is what Faraz wrote in the log:

"Captain!, I am so happy I found you. We had the most wonderful time. My parents, cousins and their parents absolutly loved sailing with with you. It was a mothers day gift to moms and it could not have been more perfect. I really appreciate your company and look forward to coming on the boat again next time I am in Miami, Cheers, Faraz Kamili

Saturday, May 05, 2018

May,5th, 2018, Smh, Vivian, Michelle, Falcon and Isis

The weather man was predicting rain and heavy wind, but that did not sway Ami from deciding to take his cousin Jeramy who is visiting from New York and his friends, Mira ,Kaitly,Vivian and Michelle for a spin on the Bay. I decided to Invite, Titus, Isis and my beloved grand son captain Falcon. Sure, s\the day started with a few sprinkles, then it cleared up and se had a great sail in the bay. On the way back we even raise the big Jib and RA was doing 6 knots. every body had a great time.
Here is what they wrote in the Log:

"Dear Asaad, Your boat is magical, thank you for such a majestic expedition! Hope to join you again on your next voyage, With Love, Ami's Mira"

"Lovely Asaad, Thank you so very much for a magical day, surrounded by nature, friends & cheer.It was a glimpse of a mortal heaven so rarely seen and even more rarely appreciated, Much love,   Kaitlyn"

"Thank you for a magical day. You are an amazing sailor!Looking forward to doing this again. Lots of love!XO, Michelle "

"Captain, Thank you for a wonderful sail! Can't wait till the next time!, Four years from now, Baby Falcon will be steering this sail boat, Love, Vivian"

"captainAsaad, what an awesome day cruising the seas with you! Thank you so much for such a memorable day. Hope to do it again soon!, Jeremy Solomon"

Monday, April 30, 2018

April, 29th, 2018. Mary M. Radcliffe

Mary was the instigator, she talked her friends to celebrate her friend's Bachelorette party aboard the RA, It was not easy but she did it. They were so happy they came.  They came from Israel and Philadelphia to be together for this occasion. The day started with good breeze.
We raised the mizzen, the big Jib and most of the main. Half way on the way back the wind slowed down significantly. I consulted with the ladies if they need to get to the dock soon, or if they prefer to take their time sailing , with such calm wind. The answer was overwhelmigly, the longer we are on the boat the happier we are. My crew, Rana, who is an avid racer, was not so happy with the decision. But ultimately the wind picked up and we sailed all the way to the dock.
I told Rana, true sailors know how to wait for the wind, especially if the guests are having fun
Here is what the bride wrote in the log:

"This is my bachelorette party! and this was an amazing experience . Excellent crew, so friendly and caring everything was pleasant and sensitive. W

e had a great time with all the girls in an awesome cruise!
Thank you so much this was amazing.
Ha Hamutal, Alice,Jenny and Mary"