Friday, August 08, 2014

July 24th,2014

It was a spur of the moment
she had friends from out of town, the weather was good, so we went sailing
Here is what she wore in the log:

"Thank you so much for a wonderful trip you gave us all. It was beautiful and very enjoyable. Thanks for the time you spent with us to drive us around . You were a wonderful Captain. We enjoyed the day and we all thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts!, Storino,Swayne and Nunez family"

Monday, July 21, 2014

July 16th, 2014, Josh's Birthday

It was Josh's birthday. He wanted to share his love to sailing on Biscayne Bay with his mother who came from North Carolina to share in celebrating his special day. It was good to have them aboard. Here is what he wrote in the Log:

"Thanks to my future father in law for bringing me out to enjoy the RA and Biscayne Bay on my birthday.  T

he storm was a nice learning experience and the RA was amazing as always."

Monday, July 14, 2014

July 13th, 2014,Terry Mc.Master

Terry wanted to treat his sisters to an unforgettable event. He arranged to bring them together for a Sisters's reunion, they came from Kansas, Oregon and Alabama to see each other and enjoy a day sailing on Biscayne Bay. it was their Karma, we had a wonderful afternoon, calm seas and gentle breeze. My future son in Law Josh came on board as a mate. He arranged for some soft rock from his phone to entertain the guests. They were great people to have aboard and to visit with.
on board were, Terry, Iralia,Jean, Janet and Judy
Here is what they wrote in the log:

In a moment my fear of the water disappeared in the reassuring smile of Captain Asaad. His boat lovely, the waters calm,the cruise beautiful and gentling for the soul. We gathered in a reunion, siblings together for the first time since our mother passed away. This peaceful time on the ocean, good company, good Captain and good future son-in-law, good time, leaving sadness behind, new memories forged thank you captain Asaad for being part of this blessing! Janet thank you for the amazing time. We may be tame but know how to appreciate wonderful people. Josh, may you and Anisa have many blessings on your journey. My dance group is,
amiradance Please visit us. May Gods blessings be on you Captain and yours, Jean Knapp

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 7th, 2014, sunset, Joselyn Smith & friends

It was really a pleasure to hear from Joselyn and to take her and her friends Sailing. Her friends came from all over the country to enjoy a sunset cruise on Biscayne bay. We had a very gentle drizzel in the begining of the evening, then we just had gentle breeze, which was on again  and off  again the rest of the evening. We managed to continue sailing all the way to the slip. They seem to have enjoyed the gentle ride and the beautiful sunset. Here is what they wrote in the log:

"Thank you for a wonderful trip. May God keep the wind in your sails, Susan Hayes"

"Meeting you was the highlight of my day. From one sailor to another. Thanks for a great evening, fam Cross"

" Thank you for a wonderful,uneventful,peaceful sail on the ocean! and I will be there in spirit at least as you watch the new democracy in Egypt and a new epoch starts a new for such a great country!. It was a pleasure meeting you! salam! Rob"

"Dear captain Asaad, Josh and Ned, Asaad , So good to see you again! Thank you for fabulous sunset cruise. The peaceful energy that you ,Josh and RA created
will carry me forward on a sea of calm.  many blessings my friend, Roselyn"

June 7th, 2014, Richard's 75th B.D

Judith wanted to do something special for her husband's 75ht Birthday. He is a seasoned sailor, who sailed all over the world, but now he misses his sailing vessel. So she decided to take him sailing on RA on the waters of our great Biscayne bay. It was indeed a beautiful day, gentle breeze, just enough to give Richard a nice ride. We raised the main, Mizzen and big Jib.
Aboard was Ned and Josh as crew.
Here is what Judith wrote in the log:

" June 7th, 1014, A wonderful birthday for an old Captain who misses his sailboat. Thank you for a delightful nostalgic sail"

Friday, June 06, 2014

June 6th,2014, Boston Consulting Group

They came from  all over the world to sail on Biscayne Bay. It was a beautiful day. My group were from Italy and Portugal. two lovely couples. Aboard was Josh and Marcella as crew. Here is what the group wrote in the log:

"Captain Asaad, thank you for your hospitality and great time together. A short but very nice trip on the bay with nice weather and very interesting People. Ugo"

" Captain Asaad took me and my wife on a lovely trip across this Miami shores for relaxation and good discussions. thank you very much. Good luck with your trip to Costa Rica ! Toaz"

Friday, May 16, 2014

May 12th, 2104, VW Spainish Regatta

They came all the way from all over Spain to enjoy a sailing Regatta on the waters of  Biscayne Bay. A really large crowd, we needed over 15 sailing vessels, and Catamarans. Everything that floates participated in the event. It was blowing hard. some boats had damaged sails. The guests really enjoyed the ride.

here is what they wrote in the log:
"por una tarde super devirttada y una gran experiencia en Miami con la mejor de las trpulaciones
para los de la tierra adentro espectacular , muy grata la compania"

Monday, May 12, 2014

May 6th, 2014, Mario Val @ Family

My friend Gianfranco Sancassano, who loves to sail with me on Biscayne Bay all the time, decided to show his sister and her family who were visiting him from Montevideo, Uguay, what a great experience it is to sail on Biscayne bay. it was a great day, fantastic weather. Gianfranco was having great time with his nephews. Here is what M

ario wrote in the log;

"Captain Asaad, Thank you so much for the great experience of sailing around Miami, in your great sail boat. On behalf of my family and myself thank you very much and we look forward to repeating the experience soon, Mario Val & Family: